June 26, 2019
Beylikdüzü .. The most beautiful sea view in Istanbul

Beylikdüzü is one of the largest districts in Istanbul, located in the southwestern part of the city, with a distinctive view of the Sea of Marmara.
Beylikdüzü's area is 39 square km, it is 28 km away from the center of Istanbul, and is 109 meters above sea level, consisting of 12 districts.
In the past, in the days of the Ottoman Empire, Beylikdüzü was a place frequented by gentlemen and princes for hunting and recreation. It was a simple plain covered with poplar (Kavak in Turkish) and was therefore formerly called "Kafakali".
Later, after the establishment of the Turkish Republic, and to this days, Istanbul gradually expanded from the center of the city until it reached Beylikdüzü.
The municipality of Beylikdüzü has given great importance to urbanization, but not at the expense of the rich nature of the region.
Beylikdüzü is bordered on the east by the municipality of (Avcılr) and on the north by the municipalities of (Esenyurt) and (Büyükçekmece), separated by the E5 highway from which the "Metrobüs" line passes. and It is bordered to the west and south by the Sea of Marmara.
The following link shows Beylikdüzü's map: Click Here 

What distinguishes Beylikdüzü?
♦ The coast:
Beylikdüzü has a 14 km coastline, Includes swimming areas (sandy beach) and picnic areas (rocky beaches), also on this coast lies the largest marina in Istanbul "west marina".
The municipality is paying great attention to this coastal in terms of cleanliness and continuous development. This has led many large construction companies in Turkey to establish high quality housing projects in this area, which will give their residents an amazing view of the Sea of Marmara.
The municipality also requires that the height of buildings near the coastline not exceed four floors.

♦ Calm environment:
If you visit Beylikdüzü or stay there for a while you will notice that it is one of the most quiet areas of Istanbul. The area is far from the noise of the city and the bustling traffic, and this calm with its proximity to the coast of the Sea of Marmara, gives an atmosphere of tranquility to the region in general and this is one of the reasons that makes it a destination for Those who like calm and relaxation.

♦ Distinctive residential environment:
The population of Beylikdüzü is 331,500 people, with a population growth rate of 5.36% per year. Families constitute the largest segment of the population, most of them of the middle class. The nature of the geographical area and the distance from the bustle of the city reflect positively on the nature of the population.

♦ Suitable prices:
The real estate prices in Belek Dozo are relatively low compared to other municipalities in Istanbul, considering the advantages available within the region. The average price per square meter within the modern residential projects is about 5500 Turkish liras (increasing or decreasing according to the location of the project, the building View, and the quality of the Finishing).
It is also one of the fastest-growing areas in the real estate sector, with real estate prices growing by 14.4% over the past three years.

♦ Transportation:
The most important transport in Beylikdüzü is the "Metrobüs" (Express Bus), which runs from the far west to the far east of Istanbul and reaches the Anatolian side of the city.
in addition to a network of buses lines "Otobüs" linking Beylikdüzü to neighboring areas.
The Sea Taxi Project (Ido) will open soon, Which will connect Beylikdüzü with several areas of Istanbul, in addition to Yalova, Bursa and Princess Islands.

Taksim Real Estate's advice:
In fact, not all positive points can be avilable in one area in Istanbul, every area has its advantages and disadvantages. In our view, Beylikdüzü is a very suitable area to live in, in terms of nature, services and its acceptable prices , but it is far from the city center and the metro line will reach Beylikdüzü by 2023.
So we recommend to purchase a car if you want to live in Beylikdüzü and work in another region.

In conclusion, here are our distinctive properties in Beylikdüzü , apartments for sale in Belek Dozo:

Apartments For Sale In Beylikduzu Istanbul 

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June 18, 2019
5 must visited places in Istanbul

The monuments and cultural events are spread throughout Istanbul, Many of these landmarks have gained wide popularity and become a destination for anyone visiting Istanbul. However, there are many landmarks that are overlooked by many who visit Istanbul, although they contain many features that characterize the city and chronicle stages of its life.
Here are some of these landmarks that must be visited by anyone traveling to Istanbul:

♦ Little Hagia Sophia mosque (Küçük Ayasofya Camii):
This mosque is a miniature version of Hagia Sophia,
This building during the Byzantine rule of Istanbul was a church called "The Church of Saints Sergius and Bakhos", and was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman rule of the city, while preserving its internal and external form.
The mosque is located in an area called (KumKapı) in the municipality of "Fatih" in Istanbul.

♦ Rüstem Paşa Mosque (Rüstem Paşa Camii):
This Grand Mosque was built by the great Ottoman architect (Mimar Sinan). It was named for "Rüstem Paşa", who served as the supreme minister during the reign of "Suleiman the Magnificent". He is also the husband of his daughter "Mihrimah sultan"
This mosque is characterized by distinctive motifs that cover its walls. These motifs vary widely to about 80 different styles, the entire ceramic was made in the town of "Iznik" (which also known by its ancient name Nicaea) in Bursa state , which is famous for this distinctive color of blue ceramic.
The mosque is located in a neighborhood called (Tahtakale) in the municipality of Fatih in Istanbul.

♦ Carpet Museum (Halı Müzesi) :
The carpet museum is located in a magnificent Baroque building, part of the Hagia Sophia complex.
The first hall of the museum houses an early-fashioned Anatolian carpets,which characterized by abstract geometric designs, The second hall includes carpets dating back to the 19th century, while the third showroom includes the most impressive carpets dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries and carpets from the blue mosque and the Mosque of Sulaymaniyah.

♦ Miniature park of Turkey (Miniatürk):
Miniatürk is a miniature park with the most famous landmarks of Turkey in the form of miniatures, as well as interpretations of historic structures.
Opened in 2003, this park covers an area of 60,000 square meters and is one of the largest miniature gardens in the world, It has 122 archeological sites in Turkey.
The park is located on the north-eastern side of the Golden Horn and is located in the municipality of Beyoğlu in Istanbul.

♦ (Madame Tussauds Istanbul):
This museum is one of the Madame Tussauds series of wax museums.
The museum has sculptures of wax for celebrities from all over the world, as well as sculptures of Turkish celebrities (politicians, artists, athletes ...).
This museum is considered a destination for many tourists who want to take Photos with celebrities, and It is located in Beyoğlu district ın Istanbul.



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June 15, 2019
What makes "Basaksehir" a destination for real estate investment in Turkey

Istanbul is administratively divided into 39 districts or (local municipalities) combined by one administrative body, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi)
These districts cover an area of 5,343 square kilometers, which constitutes the total land area of Istanbul.
This vast area makes Istanbul a city with no specific center, but Istanbul's tourist center (which can be considered the center of the city) is the areas on the southern banks of the Bosphorus, which include most of the city's monuments.

Each part of Istanbul has characteristics that distinguish it from other areas. Some distict are located near the coast, others are inland high above sea levell, and some are including dense forests (such as the Belgrade forests of the disteict of Sarıyer)
Recently, with Turkey's construction Sector booming over the past years, investments had moved to new areas in Istanbul that have not been of interest previously, but are now a magnet for both those wishing to invest in real estate and those wishing to live in Istanbul
One of the most important of these modern municipalities is the district of (Başakşehir) this municipality has many features that give it added value and make it a magnet for real estate investors.

The following is a brief description of the area of (Başakşehir) in general, and the features available in it:
• The area of Başakşehir is 107 square kilometers, rises from the sea surface 110 meters, and consisting of 11 neighborhood.
• Located in the western central part of Istanbul (European side), and is 27 km from Taksim Square
• Başakşehir is located to the north of the municipalities (Küçükçekmece, Avcılar and Esenyurt) and is separated from these municipalities by the international highway (E80). It is also bordered on the north by the municipality of Arnavutköy, and from the east by the municipalities of Sultangazi and Esenler.

The following link shows the location and borders of the municipality:  Click Here

The most important mega projects located in Başakşehir:
The new Istanbul Canal Project, which scheduled to open in 2023, and will connect the Black Sea in the north with the Sea of Marmara in the south.
this canal will pass through Başakşehir, which will give a high advantage to the properties located on both sides of the canal.

The largest botanical garden in Europe (Başakşehir Millet Bahçesi - National Park), one of the five national parks recently opened in different parts of Istanbul. These gardens are part of the 33 National Parks Project which will be opened in succession throughout Turkey.

The largest hospital in Europe (Başakşehir Şehir Hastanesi) is one of the largest treatment centers in Europe and will be ready to receive patients from the beginning of 2020 with a total capacity of 2,700 beds.

Başakşehir is considered the closest regulatory area (to date) to Istanbul Airport, which will be the largest airport in the world when construction is completed, Başakşehir is 28 km from the airport.

Advantages of living in Başakşehir:
This area has many advantages that make it a favorite choice for many who wish to live in Istanbul:
• Spread of gardens and water bodies extensively.
• Wide and clean streets.
• the New constructions in the region: Başakşehir hosts many large and distinctive residential projects, and the region is now considered a destination for largest construction companies in turkey.
• The strong and modern infrastructure that provides the residents of the region with high quality services (Water, electricity, gas and Internet networks are entirely new).
• Transportation: The metro line (M3) is Passing from başakşehir , which connects the area withe the line (M1) Which reaches the station of (YeniKapı) , and upon completion of construction (M3) line will connect the area to Istanbul airport.

To view the metro network of Istanbul in the following link:  Click here

In addition of considering the area of Başakşehir is suitable for housing, but it is also suitable for investment, as the region is achieving a steady rise in property prices annually, the property price over the past three years increased by 14.9%.

Finally, on the sidelines of the topic we would like to point out that the city is the seat of one of the most powerful sports clubs in Turkey, which is (Istanbul Başakşehir), which is currently ranked second in the ranking of the general league in Turkey (Süper Lig).

Here are some of our portfolio about apartments for sale in Basaksehir : 

Apartments For Sale In Basaksehir Istanbul 

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June 11, 2019
5 useful websites for tourists in Istanbul

Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, According to a previous statement by the Turkish Minister of Tourism (Mehmet Ersoy), the number of foreign tourists during the year 2018 exceeded 40 million tourists, and the Turkish government continues to strengthen the tourism sector, which aims to attract 48 million tourists in 2019.

The Turkish government is also working to strengthen the cyber services for all visitors, and provide these services in several languages to reach the largest number of visitors.

And as it’s known, Istanbul is one of the most attractive Turkish states, So Here are some important links for anyone who wants to visit Istanbul:

1- Website of the General Directorate of State Airports (Devlet Hava Meydanları İşletmesi Genel Müdürlüğü)
The site includes all information about government airports in all Turkish states. It also includes a list of all incoming and outgoing flights to all airports. The site is available in Turkish and English.
Website link: 

2- The Directorate of Culture and Tourism in Istanbul (İstanbul İl Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü):
The site includes many options on everything related to Istanbul's tourist and cultural sites and events, the most famous archaeological sites, libraries, theaters, museums ... and many other tourist destinations with a description of these sites and how to access them. The site is available in Turkish and English.
Website  Link:

3- Metro İstanbul:
Istanbul has one of the largest land transport networks in the world. The network covers all parts of Istanbul via different transport lines (metro, tramway, Marmara line, metrobüs  line, cable car).
This site will help you, through a high-resolution map, to know the directions of all the land transport lines in Istanbul with the starting and arrival dates from and to the stations.
Website link:
4- Istanbul Maritime Bus Site (ido):
Istanbul is a city surrounded by water bodies from all directions, and it is a great idea to navigate between different areas by bus (Deniz Otobüsleri), so you will save time away from traffic, also sightseeing on the surrounding banks.
You can find out the dates of trips in all stations and the cost of each trip. The site is available in Turkish and English.
Website link:

5- TÜYAP Exhibition City:
Your visit to Turkey during the summer vacation may be a good opportunity to attend some exhibitions during the visit.
TÜYAP is one of the largest companies specialized in organizing international exhibitions in Turkey, exhibitions in various fields and throughout the year.
The site includes a schedule of exhibition dates and is available in Turkish and English
Website link:

These were some of the links that might benefit the tourist in Istanbul, and certainly there are many other useful sites.
In conclusion, we wish you a happy holiday in Istanbul smiley.


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