July 18, 2019
Sales of real estate to foreigners in Turkey Increased in the first half of 2019

Housing sales to foreigners in turkey increased by 30.5 percent in June, Where the number of apartments sold to foreigners during the last month 2,689 homes. The number is the highest in half a year in the history of home sales to foreigners in Turkey.
Istanbul was ranked first among the Turkish states, the number of apartments sold to foreigners during the first half of the current year: 8,903 housing units.
According to the nationality of the buyers, the highest number of houses sold to Iraqi citizens, where the number of housing sold to Iraqi citizens during the month of June last 429 apartments, respectively Iranians with 415 unit, and in third place Russian citizens with 190 apartments. followed by German, British and Kuwaiti nationalities, respectively.
The number of homes sold to foreigners in all Turkish states during the first six months of this year was 19,952 units, i.e. an increase of 68.8% over the same period last year.

Effect of the Turkish citizenship Law:
The Turkish citizenship law and its subsequent amendments had the greatest effect on the increase in sales to foreigners. This law grants every foreigner who buys a property worth $ 250,000 or more the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. which reflected positively on the Turkish real estate sector, Only Istanbul achieved an increase of 22.6% during the first half of 2019 compared to the same period of 2018.

Mortgage sales drop:
The high interest rate of mortgages has led to a significant drop in mortgage sales, where the number of housing mortgages in June 2019 decreased by 84.6% compared to the same month last year.
In addition to the high interest rate, the citizenship law was instrumental in reducing the demand for mortgages, because the law requires payment of the full price of the property when applying for citizenship. In addition to the discounts provided by construction companies to investors who want to buy in cash.

Economy wins:
Particularly, large-scale branded housing projects direct foreign sales by seeking high added value and prestige, the new regulations that facilitate the investment in turkey is not only effect the real estate sector, But it gains the Turkish economy as a whole.
Foreigners who invest in real estate sector spend a certain period of the year in turkey, that creates new business fields in turkey.
The upward trend of foreign investment is expected to continue in the coming months.



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July 16, 2019
Turkish citizenship by buying a property .. conditions and documents required

On 18/9/2018 Presidential Decree No. (106) was issued, whereby Article (46) of the Turkish Nationality Law No. 5901 of 2009 was amended.
Under this Decree, foreigners who purchase a property in Turkey at a value of at least $ 250,000 , With their pledge not to sell the property for 3 years from the date of registration in the land registry, can apply for Turkish citizenship.
Later, the executive regulations that explain the mechanism of implementation of this Decree were issued, and subsequent amendments were issued after it began to be implemented and after the real estate investors applied for citizenship.
And now we can say that the picture has become fully clear about the decree and its amendments and the mechanism of implementation, and we will explain this in the following points:

1- A real estate appraisal must be obtained through government-approved rating institutions, and not only the price recorded in the title deed. and th application for citizenship must apply within 3 months of the date of this appraisal.

2- The official value of the property registered in the title deed can not be lower than the value mentioned in the above appraisal.

3- The purchase price will be calculated in american dollars (at the Central Bank of Turkey's rate of exchange) on the day of obtaining the deed of title (Tapu), not the day of the contract or purchase at the Notary.

4- The price of the property must be paid by bank transfers exclusively (not accepted by cash). The application for citizenship must contain a dispatch receipt signed by the sending bank and receipt from the receiving bank.
(Note: Paying the price of the property by bank transfer from outside Turkey exempts the buyer from VAT).

5- It is not possible to buy a property from a foreigner to obtain citizenship even if he is a wife or child, but must be purchased from a Turkish citizen or company. 

6- For properties that are still under construction, a construction servitude must be obtained, also organizing a sale promise contract and ratifying it at the Notary, But subject to the payment of the required value of US $ 250,000.

7- The value of the property in the title deed and in the real estate appraisal should be slightly higher than $ 250,000 to avoid any problems relating to exchange rate changes during the application.

8- An explanation will be made in the real estate register that this property can not be sold for 3 years from the date of registration in order to obtain citizenship.

9- The property must have been purchased after the date of the decision, which is after 19/9/2018. (This paragraph was amended on 30/5/2019, where the amendment allowed real estate to be purchased before the mentioned date, provided that the title deed was issued after 19/9/2018).

10- Several properties can be purchased with a total combined value of more than $ 250,000, and all relevant documents must be included in a single application.

11- The applicant can appoint a lawyer to follow up all these procedures. Except in specific cases requiring his or her personal attendance.

The documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property:
• Filling the application in large Latin letters without shortage or errors, and signing the application by the owner of the applicant.
• A copy of the passport of the buyer, his wife and children under the age of 18 years, certified by the notary.
• Original payment receipts from the buyer's account, and original receipt receipts from the seller's account.
• valid real estate appraisal.
• A copy of the title deed (Tapu), or the promise of sale contract certified by the notary.
• A special power of attorney to apply for citizenship to a law firm to follow up the file.
• A copy of the applicant criminal record.
• 4 Personal photos (biometric).
• The same documents are required for both husband and wife.

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship to children under the age of 18 years:
• Birth certificate of the child.
• birth statement
• consent of one of the parents to the other (In the case of separation of parents and the children lived with one of them).
• Marriage contract for parents.


We usually in Taksim Real Estate do all the procedures on behalf of our clients by making a POA to our company's lawyer and the lawyer will follow it up till our client get his Turkish citizenship . Contact us for more details.



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July 11, 2019
Property taxes in Turkey

Many people who want to buy real estate in Turkey are asking a lot of questions about the taxes on the property. To whom and when to pay? .. Of course, it may be difficult to access the information accurately, either because it is not available in English or is not sufficiently clarified. The following is a simplified explanation of the taxes on property in Turkey from the date of purchase until the transfer of ownership.

Taxes when buying the property in Turkey:

1-  Title deed fees 'Tapu Harcı':
Paid one time when the ownership of the property is transferred to the new owner at Real Estate Registry Department, its amounts is 4% of the declared value of the property and falls to the seller and the buyer equally (2% to the seller and 2% to the buyer).

2- Value added tax 'KDV':
Is a tax imposed on different rates for all products in Turkey, the rate of VAT varies according to the product and ranges from 3 segments 1%, 8% and 18%.
With regard to value added tax on real estate is imposed according to the price per square meter of the property and is worth when the sale of the property, although the real estate with a net area of less than 150 square meters, the tax is applied at the minimum of 1%.
In order to attract foreign investments, the Turkish government abolished the value added tax on the sale of real estate to foreigners and Turkish citizens residing abroad for more than 6 months, according to certain conditions that must be achieved to benefit from the exemption, (the property must be new and be purchased from a construction company, and a pledge not to sell for one year from the date of purchase, and that the price of the property shall be transferred from abroad in foreign currency).

Taxes during owning the property in Turkey:

1- Immovable property tax 'Emlak vergisi':
Is an annual tax imposed on all types of real estate (housing, shop, agricultural land, etc.). This tax is paid to the municipality to which the property belongs.
This tax is payable in two installments during the year (for the current year). The first payment should be made within 3 months from 1 March to 31 May. The second payment must be made within one month from 1 to 30 November of each year. 
It should be noted that payments are not delayed for specified periods to avoid the accumulation of fines. Financial penalties are added to the amount of the tax by 1.4% per month in case of delay in payment during the previous periods of each year.
The value of the property tax varies according to the type and location of the property and is calculated as follows:

Property Type inside metropolitan municipalities outside metropolitan municipalities
housing 0.2 % of the value of the property 0.1 % of the value of the property
workplace 0.4 % of the value of the property 0.2 % of the value of the property
building land 0.6 % of the value of the property 0.3 % of the value of the property
land 0.2 % of the value of the property 0.1 % of the value of the property

It is noteworthy that there are some categories of taxpayers are exempt from property tax, such as families of martyrs, war victims and people with special needs, within the conditions regulated by law.

2- Environment tax 'Çevre Temizlik Vergisi':
- This tax shall be imposed on the built-up and inhabited properties (Houses, workplace ..), While the unbuilt land of all kinds and vacant real estate shall be exempted.
- The Occupant of property is the one Who is charged with paying this tax, whether it is the landlord or the lessee.
- Calculated based on the amount of water consumption in residential units as follows:

• Housing in the metropolitan municipalities (cities): 39 piasters per cubic meter consumption.

• Housing in other municipalities (outside cities) 29 piasters per cubic meter consumption .. (the amount of consumption is mentioned in the water bills).

- For workplace (shops, offices ...), a lump sum determined by the Ministry of Environment shall be paid according to the category of property and its location outside or inside the cities. To view these categories you can click on the link:
- This tax is paid to the municipality to which the property belongs in two installments, during the months of March and November of each year.

3- Rental return tax ' Kira gelir vergisi': 
Imposed on the owners of the leased properties, ie those who earn income from renting their properties. Are calculated according to the annual income tax rates mentioned in the previous table, after determining the amount of taxable net income and lowering the minimum income tax exemption of 4,400 Turkish lira for 2018 and 5400 Turkish lira for 2019. This tax shall be paid ta the Tax Department for the income of the current year in two installments during the months of March and July of the following year.
Note : this tax is only for those who rent their property for others , in case you dont rent it to any one , there will be no rent tax.

♦  Taxes when selling the property in Turkey:

1-  Value increment tax 'Değer artış kazancı vergisi':
Or it can be called real estate profits tax. Article 80 of the Turkish Income Tax Law regulates how this tax shall be deducted and its amount, This article states that: "If the ownership of the property is transferred from the owner's hand within a period of 5 years from the date of purchase, it is subject to the Value increment tax".
The same article excludes properties that are transferred from the owner's hands without the sale. It states: "If the ownership of the property is transferred without a paid allowance (inheritance, gift, etc.), it is not a subject to the Value increment tax". To simplify this tax we will explain it in the following points:

A) This tax shall be imposed on the value difference between the date of purchase of the property and the date of its sale, for example, a property purchased on 1/1/2016 in the amount of 200,000 Turkish lira, and sold on 1/1/2019 at 350,000 Turkish lira. Thus the amount of 150,000 Turkish lira is the amount of the increase in value, which will be subject to a calculation to determine the amount of tax.
B) If the property is sold after 5 years or more from the date of purchase (the date of purchase is the date of registration with the Tabu Department), it shall be exempt from this tax.
C) Real estate that is transferred without a Paid allowance such as inheritance and gift is also exempted from this tax.
D) The calculation of the amount of this tax goes through a somewhat complex process, where the real purchase price (the property purchase price in the currency value at the date of sale) should be determined to determine the real profit amount, in light of the inflation rate.
in addition to deducting some expenses and fees from the real profit amount, The amount of the tax exemption determined by the Income Department is also raised each year. At the end of this process we get the amount of taxable amount.
E) After determining the taxable value, the tax shall be deducted according to the annual income tax tranches, as follows:


The amount to be taxed Deduction rate
Less than 18,000 TL 15 %
From 18,000 TL to 40,000 TL 20 %
From 40,000 TL to 98,000 TL 27 %
more than 98,000 TL 35 %

F) The tax return for properties sold in a year (2018 for example) will be presented during the period from 1 to 25 March of the next year (2019). The tax should be paid at the Tax Department 'vergi dairesi' in two installments during the months of March and July of 2019.

2 - Inheritance and transfer tax 'Veraset ve İntikal Vergisi':
The inheritance tax includes all the deceased's money, but we will talk here about the real estate part of the inheritance.
This tax shall be imposed on immovable property situated within the territory of the Republic of Turkey and which is transferred by inheritance or without paid allowance such as gifts, prizes and donations.
The taxpayers are the heirs of the deceased. They must extract a Devolution of estate of the deceased and obtain tax id number for each of them. The tax declaration shall be submitted to the tax department within four months of the date of death (in case of death in Turkey, and the taxpayer is resident in Turkey), and within six months of the date of death (In the case of death outside Turkey or that the taxpayer was resident outside Turkey).
After Inventory of the estate of the deceased and determining the amount of the tax deduction, the tax shall be deducted according to the following rates:


The tax base Rate of inheritance tax Rate of gift tax
The first 290,000 TL 1 % 10 %
The next 700,000 TL 3 % 15 %
The next 1,500,000 TL 5 % 20 %
The next 2,700,000 TL 7 % 25 %
Exceeding the amount of 5.190.000 TL 10 % 30 %

The inheritance tax must be paid within a maximum period of 3 years from the due date. The amount of the tax can be paid in six equal installments payable in May and November of each of these three years.

- Note: the foreigner who owns a property in Turkey is treated as a Turkish citizen without imposing any additional fees or taxes. On the contrary, the foreigner may benefit from some facilities, in the desire of the government to encourage investment.
It remains to be mentioned that all information contained in the article is in force until the date of publication, and will be updated in the event of any amendments.

In case you have any other questions about property taxes in turkey , you may contact us.

gelir idaresi başkanliği



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July 08, 2019
Basın Express .. The destination of real estate investment in Turkey
There are many areas that we can call a business center in Istanbul, for example we have old trade centers like Şişli, Osman bey, and Laleli and many other places which is common among foreign investors as traditional business centers in Istanbul. On the other hand, we have modern economic centers, which have attracted major international companies such as "Maslak", for example.
Among these recent investment centers, which has proven its position recently, stands Basıs Express.
Basın Express is one of Istanbul's fastest growing areas after being announced by Istanbul Municipality with the neighboring region of Goüneşli as a center of high quality business and services.


Basin express is the axis which connects Mall of Istanbul (one of Turkey's largest shopping malls) north to Ataturk Airport and Fairgrounds South, so Basin Express is the axis which links the two main roads (E80 "TEM") north and (E5 "metrobüs path") south, and administratively linked to the municipality of Küçükçekmece.

Entrepreneurs and investors destination:

Basin Express has several advantages that make it a favorite destination for businessmen and investors who want to take Istanbul as a hub for their investments.
♦ Location & Transport: Basin Express is a major hub within Istanbul's highways network, which, as noted above, connects the two main roads E5 and E80, It is also connected northwards to the O7 highway, which reach Istanbul Airport (the world's largest airport) within 25 minutes by car. In addition to the nearby metro lines, where Basin Express can be easily reached by M3 metro line and Marmaray metro line.
♦ Home Office apartments: Construction companies within the area of Basin Express are interested in designing Home Office apartments within their projects, taking into consideration the desire of investors, Many Entrepreneurs who want to take basin express as a hub of their business will want to work and stay in the same area, which will save additional expenses at the start of their business.
Construction companies are also concerned with the luxury of buildings and provide the highest level of comfort and services.
♦ İSTOÇ Trade Center: Located at the intersection of Basin Express and TEM highway, is one of the largest Trade centers in Istanbul.
♦ Many facilities of interest to investors: Basin Express has branches of the world's largest hotels such as G Rotana, Holiday Inn and Hilton. Many banks are located in the region to facilitate financial transactions for investors. Several malls, the most famous of which are 'Mall of Istanbul' and 'Mall 212', in addition to hosting the major centers of many large Turkish and international companies.


What makes Basin Express one of the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul ??

♦ A steady increase in real estate prices: In the last three years, the Güneşli and Basin Express region has witnessed an increase of 35.8% in real estate prices. This is one of the highest rates of rising prices in Istanbul.
♦ High ROI: The towers on either side of Basin Express have a commercial character, whether in the form of office buildings, residences and 5-star hotels, It is known that the rental income of commercial properties is higher than the residential properties. The average annual rental income in the area of Basin Express is about 6% of the value of the property annually.
Also many construction companies in the region are providing high rental returns to investors, for example the Chinese world Hotel Network (Wanda Vista), which has taken from Basin Express a hub to open its first branch in Istanbul, Has recently launched a special 20-year profit guarantee offer (with fixed return 10% yearly of property value for the first 3 years). 

Check our listed properties in Basin Express region as with a huge selection for apartments for sale in Basin Express  :

Apartments For Sale in Basinexpress Istanbul 

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July 03, 2019
Properties rental rates rise in Turkey during July 2019

Inflation rates have been announced by the Turkey Statistical Institute. Thus, the rent increase rates for July 2019 were announced. Here are the rent growth rates in July 2019 ..

Tenants who wish to renew the annual lease will have to pay an increase in rents. This increase is calculated under the law of obligations. Under this law, the rate of increase of rents on tenants can not exceed the producer price index rates. 

In 2018, due to the negative effects of the rise in inflation rates on rents, the rent increase calculation method was changed.
The Medium Term Economy Program (2019-2021) prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Strategy Budget Department was announced last September. According to the New Economy Package, rent increase can no longer be calculated according to producer price index rates, the upper limit of the rent increase rate will be calculated according to consumer price index rates.

According to these changes, the provisions of the Turkish law of Obligations will be applied on the basis of the average annual rate of change of the consumer price index on new leases and on those that will be renewed.
Inflation rates are reported monthly by the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Rates of increase of rent for real estate for July 2019:

As of today, it has become clear how much increase will be applied on the tenants whose housing or business lease agreement is renewed this month.Consumer price index up 0.03 percent on this month and Domestic producer price index increased by 0.09 percent. 

for Consumer price index (Tüketici fiyat endeksi "TÜFE"): (2003=100) In June 2019, there has been an increase of 0.03 percent compared to the previous month, 5.01 percent compared to December of the previous year, 15.72% compared to the same month of the previous year and 19.88 percent on the averages of twelve months basis.

for Domestic producer price index (Yurt içi üretici fiyat endeksi "Yİ-ÜFE"): In June 2019, it has increased by 0,09 percent compared to the previous month, 8,09 percent compared to December of the previous year, 25,04 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and 32,81 percent compared to the averages of twelve months.

Accordingly, the properties owners will be allowed to raise the Rental allowance by 19.88 percent.

Current rental: 1000 TL
Rate of rise: 19.88 %
Rise value: 198 TL
Rent after rise: 1198 TL.

the source:


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July 02, 2019
Istanbul Gardens .. The city lungs and inhabitants breather
Istanbul is famous for its magnificent gardens, which are a haven for the people on weekends and holidays. The care given by the municipalities to these parks makes it an important landmark in the city and a destination for tourists from all over the world.
Of course we can not mention all these gardens into one article, so we will review with you in this article a number of the most famous gardens in Istanbul.
♦ Gülhane Park:
we can't talk about parks in Istanbul without putting Gulhane at the top of the list, it is already the most famous park in the city.
Gülhane or "House of roses" was created after the decision of the Ottoman organizations in 1839 under the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed I, It was then a private garden of the palace of the Sultans dedicated to the inhabitants of the palace and their guests. Later in 1912 the park was opened to the public where it was possible to visit and stroll in. In 1926, the first statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was built in the garden.
The park has undergone a number of changes since its establishment to the present time, where it was for a time a zoo, then changed this decision and the park was restored as a garden of plants and strolling.
Gülhane is located now in "Fatih" district, and it stretches along a small hill in the backyard of Istanbul's famous Topkapı Palace.
♦ Yıldız Park:
Yıldız Park is just as beautiful as its Gülhane, and it is also one of the palaces gardens of the Ottoman sultans.
The garden belonged to Yildiz Palace overlooking the Bosphorus, built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed II at the end of the 19th century. During the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, who was interested in landscaping, the park was expanded and decorated with beautiful fountains and various types of flowers.
The garden is currently filled with various types of trees, shrubs and flowers, which were imported from around the world, and some of these trees return to the Ottoman era.
The park is already a great place to relax, where only the sounds of birds are heard. The garden also has a restaurant (a Pavilion in the past) situated on a hilltop and offers great views of the Bosphorus.
The park is located in Yıldız quarter in Beşiktaş district, between the palaces of Yıldız and Çırağan.
♦ Emirgan Park:
One of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Turkey and the world, spread over an area of 470 thousand square meters, It was established in the reign of Sultan Murad IV and was bought by Khedive Ismail Pasha, who was governor of the Ottomans to Egypt and Sudan.
Emirgan Park contains more than 120 varieties of plants and flowers, and is known for its tulip, which planted in April every year hundreds of thousands of it in the garden, in different colors and species, giving the garden a beautiful view. The park also has many rare trees and visitors can also see squirrels that inhabit the garden trees. In the middle of the garden there are two ceramic pools, along with a number of tables, fountains and industrial waterfalls.
The garden contains three palaces built during the reign of the Khedive Ismail, the white, pink and yellow palace, and served as places of recreation. They are now used as restaurants and cafés. The Brides visit the garden frequently to take photos and share the family's breakfast or lunch.
The park is located in the district of "Sarıyer" in the northernmost part of Istanbul.
♦ Maçka Democracy Park:
This park is a breather for residents of Shishli district of central Istanbul. It is not only a park but also a recreational place with walking trails, children's play areas, and also a gym. You can enjoy the park from the top if you wish, by riding a "cable car" (TF1: Maçka - Taşkışla) that passes over the park.
Maçka Park is located in Şişli district in Istanbul, and extends from Harbiye Neighborhood north to the Vodafone Stadium (The headquarters of famous Beşiktal Club) south.
♦ Mihrabat Korusu:
while you are sitting in this garden among greenery, sipping your coffee, You can enjoy a direct view of the Bosphorus, the "Fatih sultan mehmet" bridge and Rumelı Castle.
This park is located in the district of "Beykoz" in Istanbul, at the junction of the Fatih sultan mehmet bridge with the anatolian part of the city.
♦ Polonezköy tabiat parkı:
It is actually a forest rather than a garden, located next to the village of Polonez, and is about 45 minutes from the city center of Istanbul. This park is very quiet and is covered with vast green spaces. Polonez is an agricultural village that in recent years has become an open holiday resort.
The village of Polonez has plenty of barbecue places, also has a number of traditional small hotels, where you can spend several days away from the hustle of the city, enjoying the magical atmosphere. It is also suitable for those who like horseback riding, and wandering through the forests.
Polonezköy is located in the district of "Beykoz" in the anatolian part of Istanbul.
♦ Istanbul Zoo "Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi ve Botanik Parkı":
Istanbul's zoo is one of the most beautiful and attractive of Istanbul's gardens, with a rare variety of wild animals of 135 species, such as crocodiles, turtles, bears, lions, etc., as well as more than 250 species of rare plants and trees.
The zoo is named after its founder, businessman "Faruk Yalçın". It is actuly located in "Kocaeli" state not Istanbul, but it is very easy to reach it from Istanbul after the opening of the Marmaray metro line, where the metro station is less than 2 km away from the zoo.
The zoo welcomes visitors from 9:00 am to 17:30 pm, entry ticket is about 35 Turkish liras and free entry for children under five.


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June 26, 2019
Beylikdüzü .. The most beautiful sea view in Istanbul

Beylikdüzü is one of the largest districts in Istanbul, located in the southwestern part of the city, with a distinctive view of the Sea of Marmara.
Beylikdüzü's area is 39 square km, it is 28 km away from the center of Istanbul, and is 109 meters above sea level, consisting of 12 districts.
In the past, in the days of the Ottoman Empire, Beylikdüzü was a place frequented by gentlemen and princes for hunting and recreation. It was a simple plain covered with poplar (Kavak in Turkish) and was therefore formerly called "Kafakali".
Later, after the establishment of the Turkish Republic, and to this days, Istanbul gradually expanded from the center of the city until it reached Beylikdüzü.
The municipality of Beylikdüzü has given great importance to urbanization, but not at the expense of the rich nature of the region.
Beylikdüzü is bordered on the east by the municipality of (Avcılr) and on the north by the municipalities of (Esenyurt) and (Büyükçekmece), separated by the E5 highway from which the "Metrobüs" line passes. and It is bordered to the west and south by the Sea of Marmara.
The following link shows Beylikdüzü's map: Click Here 

What distinguishes Beylikdüzü?
♦ The coast:
Beylikdüzü has a 14 km coastline, Includes swimming areas (sandy beach) and picnic areas (rocky beaches), also on this coast lies the largest marina in Istanbul "west marina".
The municipality is paying great attention to this coastal in terms of cleanliness and continuous development. This has led many large construction companies in Turkey to establish high quality housing projects in this area, which will give their residents an amazing view of the Sea of Marmara.
The municipality also requires that the height of buildings near the coastline not exceed four floors.

♦ Calm environment:
If you visit Beylikdüzü or stay there for a while you will notice that it is one of the most quiet areas of Istanbul. The area is far from the noise of the city and the bustling traffic, and this calm with its proximity to the coast of the Sea of Marmara, gives an atmosphere of tranquility to the region in general and this is one of the reasons that makes it a destination for Those who like calm and relaxation.

♦ Distinctive residential environment:
The population of Beylikdüzü is 331,500 people, with a population growth rate of 5.36% per year. Families constitute the largest segment of the population, most of them of the middle class. The nature of the geographical area and the distance from the bustle of the city reflect positively on the nature of the population.

♦ Suitable prices:
The real estate prices in Belek Dozo are relatively low compared to other municipalities in Istanbul, considering the advantages available within the region. The average price per square meter within the modern residential projects is about 5500 Turkish liras (increasing or decreasing according to the location of the project, the building View, and the quality of the Finishing).
It is also one of the fastest-growing areas in the real estate sector, with real estate prices growing by 14.4% over the past three years.

♦ Transportation:
The most important transport in Beylikdüzü is the "Metrobüs" (Express Bus), which runs from the far west to the far east of Istanbul and reaches the Anatolian side of the city.
in addition to a network of buses lines "Otobüs" linking Beylikdüzü to neighboring areas.
The Sea Taxi Project (Ido) will open soon, Which will connect Beylikdüzü with several areas of Istanbul, in addition to Yalova, Bursa and Princess Islands.

Taksim Real Estate's advice:
In fact, not all positive points can be avilable in one area in Istanbul, every area has its advantages and disadvantages. In our view, Beylikdüzü is a very suitable area to live in, in terms of nature, services and its acceptable prices , but it is far from the city center and the metro line will reach Beylikdüzü by 2023.
So we recommend to purchase a car if you want to live in Beylikdüzü and work in another region.

In conclusion, here are our distinctive properties in Beylikdüzü , apartments for sale in Belek Dozo:

Apartments For Sale In Beylikduzu Istanbul 

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June 24, 2019
The types and content of Title deed of real estate in Turkey (Tabu)

The Directorate of Real Estate Registry (Tabu) is the authority responsible for documenting and registering real estate of all kinds in all the territory of the Republic of Turkey, This Directorate records records for each property the country. This record includes information about the location of the property, its boundaries, its area, the description of the property in detail, In addition to the name of the owner of the property and All rights related to this it (mortgage, utilization and other real estate rights).

The owner of the property is entitled to obtain a document attesting to his ownership of this property, which is the legal document proving his right in this property. This document in Turkey is called "Tapu senedi".
This document has several different types, and these types vary in their power as a legal guarantee by the owner of the property. Therefore, those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey should be aware of the types of the Tapu.

In the beginning, it is necessary to distinguish one of these title deeds or so-called agricultural tabu. This title deed is characterized by its blue color. It is therefore called "blue tabu". It is the title deed for real estate that did not fall under the urban planning scheme (called agricultural land). While the title deeds of real estate within the regulatory area of all types (apartment, villa, shop, land intended for construction) have a red color.

Here are different types of title deed :

1- freehold property title deed "Kat Mülkiyeti":
legally It is considered the strongest type of title deeds, and it Regards to Fully built properties, which each owner have been assigned in a specific part of it, and the property has met all the licenses and conditions required.

2- construction servitude title deed  "Kat irtifakı":
Is the title deed of properties that has not been built on, or that the construction works started but not yet finished. Often the real estate developer or contractor to extract this type of Tabu, and intended to determine the rights of owners in the property, but without the allocation of any of them a specific section of this property.
The construction servitude condition of the property continues throughout the construction period until the housing permit is issued. The law requires the transfer of ownership from the construction servitude of property to full ownership.
(The housing permit) is the approval issued by the concerned municipality in which the real estate is located for the buildings that are constructed according to specified criteria, proving that the building has been constructed as stated in the approved construction project.
The standards imposed by the State or its competent authorities in order to obtain housing permit, such as the presence of fire and emergency stairs, the construction must be earthquake-proof, and contain sufficient fire extinguishers in the building and other necessary supplies.
The contractor or construction company must obtain the housing permit, and must convert all buyers' construction servitude titles "Kat irtifakı" into full property title deeds "Kat Mülkiyeti" after obtaining the housing permit. It is very important to obtain the housing permit in order to guarantee the right of the owners in the building.

3- joint-owned property title deed "Hisseli Tapu":
Means the title deed of the property owned by more than one person at a time, where the proportion of each partner mentioned in front of his name in the title deed, It should be noted that this title deed is granted only once to one of the owners and the percentage of each owner is recorded in it.

What information is contained in the title deed ?
The Tabu consists of several boxes containing detailed information as follow:
1- province "ili"
2- district  "ilçe"
3- neighborhood "Mahallesi"
4- block "Ada"
5- parcel "parsel"
6- Floor "Kat"
7- building number "building"
8-  single space number "Bağımsız Blm No"

Note: Do not mention on the Tabu document any problems that may occur in the property (mortgage or heirs or so) so make sure to check The Directorate of Real Estate Registry before making the purchase and not just rely on the title deed.
In case you have any other questions about title deeds in turkey , please contact us.


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