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Ümraniye Area In Istanbul ... a special residential area in Asian Istanbul

Ümraniye used to be an unknown region for people looking for real estate investment in Istanbul, where it was not as famous as the other neighborhoods of Istanbul. But lately Ümraniye became a well-known region where even foreigners go to live in it for its calm, clean environment, and modern architecture.

Ümraniye is one of Istanbul`s 39 municipalities, it is in the Asian side of the city and is in the fourth place among Istanbul`s municipalities and the first in the Asian side municipalities in terms of population density.

It has 35 neighborhoods and an area of 22 thousand square Hectares. It is bordered from the west by Üsküdar municipality, the east by Sancaktepe, the south by Ataşehir and from the north by Beykoz and Cekmeköy. Umraniye is considered one of the fastest growing municipality in Istanbul in terms of population and the architectural development while maintaining the conservative traditional character of the region. It is also a rich area in economic diversity from the transformative industries to the manufacturing of clothes and wood products.

Historically Ümraniye was just forests where its climate helped the growth of cypress and pine forests. Phrygians settled in it followed by Romans and Byzantines. The army of Abbasid Caliph Harun Al Rashid reached it in 782 AD. Control over it rolled over between the Muslims at times and the Byzantines at other times until Islam entered with the Turks to the land of Anatolia under the leadership of the Seljuk and then followed by the Ottomans that named the region `Yalniz Selvi` that can be translated to the lone cypress.

After the Balkan wars immigrants from Yugoslavia and Bulgaria settled in Ümraniye that is why for a period it was names the village of immigrants, it was announced as an independent municipality in 1963 and the meaning of its name is from Arabic origins and refers to urbanism, urbanization, and sophistication.

The following link shows Ümraniye`s location on the map 

Shopping places:

When visiting Ümraniye you will find out that the shopping malls and bazaars are very popular there and that is following the increase in the number of residents that need huge shopping places to satisfy its needs, where it has 8 large shopping malls such as:

  Buyaka AVM, Metrogarden AVM, Meydan AVM, Akyaka Park AVM, Canpark AVM, IKEA AVM in addition to some distinguished shopping streets designated only for pedestrians like the Alemdağ caddesi.

Tourist attractions and excursions:

Ümraniye is characterized generally by calm and residential environment for that it has many picnic areas, for example we can name Trabzon Garden situated in the Ihlamurkuyu neighborhood and has great cafes and restaurants.

Also, the Tantavi social complex `Tantavi Sosyal Tesisleri` that extends over an area of 6 thousand square meters that contains many public facilities at reasonable prices. And one of the beautiful attractions in Ümraniye that is recommended to visit is the Palace of Hakim Paşa and Dudullu Tepesi. 


Ümraniye is connected to the other regions of Istanbul by many routes. The E80 highway that is considered a vital street crosses Ümraniye from north to south and extends to the European side of the city passing through the Sultan Mehmet Al Fatih bridge also the international Sile line ` Şile otoyolu` that passes through the north all the way to Sile coast and the O4 highway that goes through the south of Ümraniye.

Regarding the public means of transport, the main transport line in Ümraniye is the M5 metro line that connects Ümraniye with Istanbul`s metro network, and the neighboring Üsküdar. This line has 10 stations in Ümraniye and its one of the modern transportation lines that is moved by automated driving.

Fertile investment environment:

Ümraniye`s municipality is considered one of the most active municipalities in Istanbul. In 2020 and despite the lock-down because of the spread of the Corona virus, the municipality successfully executed 18 developmental projects in different sectors, where it shows on its website a time schedule for the project to be implemented and the delivery date and enters in a competition with time to deliver the projects in the specified time and specifications.

We attach to you the link for the Ümraniye municipality website

The municipality works to attract real estate investments and encouraging construction companies to Implementation of housing projects in the region to keep pace with the growing demand for real estate with the steady increase in the population in the region. Therefore, the municipality focuses on infrastructure projects and service facilities, and these projects are the basic building block for attracting investments.

Expert advice:

Ümraniye is predominantly residential, and it is indeed a distinct area for living, as it has calm, green spaces, and modernity compared to the historical neighborhood of Istanbul, as well as the relatively conservative environment in the area makes it a destination for families. The investment return is commensurate with real estate prices in the region, which are relatively lower than other areas in Istanbul, and therefore the option of buying property in the region with the intention of housing is more likely than buying it with the intention of investment.

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