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250 thousand new housing units by 2023

"We have created resources to finance our projects during the current year worth 16 billion Turkish liras, of which 5 billion were paid during the first five months of the year"

This statement was made by Mr. Ömer Bulut, head of Public Housing Development Administration at the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development of Turkey (TOKI) in an interview with the Anatolia Agency yesterday.
Mr. Bulut added that, through non-profit collective housing projects, we have been able to enable low-income families to own a home.
Commenting on the effective contribution of TOKI to the economy and job creation, Mr. Bulut said: "We have been able to provide resources to finance our projects worth 16 billion Turkish liras this year 2019, of which 5 billion have already been paid during the first five months of the year."
"Constructions is still underway within the scope of the "50 Thousand Social Housing Project", which we are seeking to achieve with the support of our ministry, We will add 140 new construction sites to our existing 287 construction sites, which will save about 120,000 new jobs" said TOKI President.

3.5 million citizens will become homeowners:
Mr. Bulut explained how TOKI was able, within 16 years, by reaching 843,546 new homes and by Providing the possibility of installment for 15-20 years to make 3.5 million citizens as homeowners. He added that the volume of TOKI investments during the last 16 years amounted to 160 billion Turkish lira, and that it will direct its efforts during the coming period to build Public housing.

With regard to the project (the 50 thousand social housing) Bulut explained that the project was put to the public subscription on 5 March last and closed the reception of applications on 19 April, Applicants will be selected by lot, where the draw will continue until the next 21 August.
As of today, we have completed drawing lots of 15 thousand 125 houses in 34 projects. The tender for 10 thousand 271 houses was completed in 18 projects and their construction is about to begin. In 8 projects, 1686 houses entered the tender process.

250 thousand housing units until 2023:
Stating that TOKİ will produce houses in horizontal architectural style in all of its projects as in recent years and that the neighborhood culture will be kept in the forefront, Mr.Bulut stated that "As TOKİ, in residential areas and general city plans, in line with the urbanism criteria of our President, we will produce houses with a horizontal architectural approach that will keep the neighborhood culture alive, bring our citizens together with nature, and keep the family and neighborhood relations alive."

As part of the objectives of the Ministry of administration by 2023 will implement 250 thousand social housing, Mr. bulut said.



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