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Beykoz district in Istanbul | Quiet nature that smells of history

You can spend a wonderful day inside the Beykoz district of Istanbul, where you can enjoy its charming calm, the historical and tourist attractions which made it one of the most important places that anyone visiting Istanbul should not miss the opportunity to visit. There you feel like you are in a quiet resort, or a small village that smells of history.

Where is Beykoz district in Istanbul?

Beykoz district is located in the northern part of the Bosphorus Strait of Asian Istanbul, bordered to the east by Şile, to the west by the Bosphorus Strait, to the north by the Black Sea, and to the south by the urban areas, Sultanbeyli, Uskudar, Kartal.

The most important historical places in Beykoz Istanbul

• Anatolian castle

It was known in the past as the Beautiful Castle, and it is one of the oldest Ottoman monuments, as it was built in 1391 on the ruins of an ancient temple.

Isaac Agha Fountain

A 500-year-old Ottoman edifice, reflecting the splendor of Turkish architecture, consists of 8 marble columns in 3 rows, under a large roof carried by pointed arches.

Majidia Palace

A historical palace located in Yalikoy district in Beykoz, it dates back to the architecture of the Westernization period, as it was built by order of the ruler of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, and was gifted to Sultan Abdul Majid.

• Khedive Palace

Royal Art Nouveau building, built on the hills of Çopuklu, as a private suite for Khedive Abbas Hilmi Pasha in 1907, enjoying a stunning view of the Bosphorus strait all the way to Europe.

The most beautiful parks of Beykoz Istanbul

Chubuklu Park

One of the most prominent of Istanbul gardens on the Anatolian side, also known as the Khedive Palace Park, is located on the Çopuklu Hill in Beykoz, with a charming view of the Bosporus and the city.

Orhan veli kanik Park:

Orhan Veli Kanak Park, with the name of the famous Turkish poet, includes large green spaces on an area of 700 m², with safe games for children, tables and covered benches for rest.

Polonezkoy Natural Park

One of the most favorite national parks for families, for weekend getaways, and includes many types of plants and animals, such as chestnuts, pines, beech, in addition to the fox, squirrel, and partridge.

The most famous universities in the Beykoz district of Istanbul

The Beykoz district is surrounded by a group of important Turkish universities, which can be reached by Istanbul Metro or other means of transportation, and among these universities:

German Turkish University

It is a multilingual governmental university, established under an agreement signed between Turkey and Germany, with the aim of contributing to scientific, economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Beykoz University

One of the most prominent Turkish universities in Asian Istanbul, includes faculties of: Engineering and Architecture, Management and Administrative Sciences, Arts and Design, Social Sciences, in addition to the Civil Aviation School, the School of Foreign Languages, and the Beykoz Vocational Logistics School.



This was a comprehensive presentation of the most prominent historical attractions, recreational and educational facilities in the Beykoz district of Istanbul.         

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