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Beylikdüzü .. The most beautiful sea view in Istanbul

Beylikdüzü is one of the largest districts in Istanbul, located in the southwestern part of the city, with a distinctive view of the Sea of Marmara.
Beylikdüzü's area is 39 square km, it is 28 km away from the center of Istanbul, and is 109 meters above sea level, consisting of 12 districts.
In the past, in the days of the Ottoman Empire, Beylikdüzü was a place frequented by gentlemen and princes for hunting and recreation. It was a simple plain covered with poplar (Kavak in Turkish) and was therefore formerly called "Kafakali".
Later, after the establishment of the Turkish Republic, and to this days, Istanbul gradually expanded from the center of the city until it reached Beylikdüzü.
The municipality of Beylikdüzü has given great importance to urbanization, but not at the expense of the rich nature of the region.
Beylikdüzü is bordered on the east by the municipality of (Avcılr) and on the north by the municipalities of (Esenyurt) and (Büyükçekmece), separated by the E5 highway from which the "Metrobüs" line passes. and It is bordered to the west and south by the Sea of Marmara.
The following link shows Beylikdüzü's map: Click Here 

What distinguishes Beylikdüzü?
♦ The coast:
Beylikdüzü has a 14 km coastline, Includes swimming areas (sandy beach) and picnic areas (rocky beaches), also on this coast lies the largest marina in Istanbul "west marina".
The municipality is paying great attention to this coastal in terms of cleanliness and continuous development. This has led many large construction companies in Turkey to establish high quality housing projects in this area, which will give their residents an amazing view of the Sea of Marmara.
The municipality also requires that the height of buildings near the coastline not exceed four floors.

♦ Calm environment:
If you visit Beylikdüzü or stay there for a while you will notice that it is one of the most quiet areas of Istanbul. The area is far from the noise of the city and the bustling traffic, and this calm with its proximity to the coast of the Sea of Marmara, gives an atmosphere of tranquility to the region in general and this is one of the reasons that makes it a destination for Those who like calm and relaxation.

♦ Distinctive residential environment:
The population of Beylikdüzü is 331,500 people, with a population growth rate of 5.36% per year. Families constitute the largest segment of the population, most of them of the middle class. The nature of the geographical area and the distance from the bustle of the city reflect positively on the nature of the population.

♦ Suitable prices:
The real estate prices in Belek Dozo are relatively low compared to other municipalities in Istanbul, considering the advantages available within the region. The average price per square meter within the modern residential projects is about 5500 Turkish liras (increasing or decreasing according to the location of the project, the building View, and the quality of the Finishing).
It is also one of the fastest-growing areas in the real estate sector, with real estate prices growing by 14.4% over the past three years.

♦ Transportation:
The most important transport in Beylikdüzü is the "Metrobüs" (Express Bus), which runs from the far west to the far east of Istanbul and reaches the Anatolian side of the city.
in addition to a network of buses lines "Otobüs" linking Beylikdüzü to neighboring areas.
The Sea Taxi Project (Ido) will open soon, Which will connect Beylikdüzü with several areas of Istanbul, in addition to Yalova, Bursa and Princess Islands.

Taksim Real Estate's advice:
In fact, not all positive points can be avilable in one area in Istanbul, every area has its advantages and disadvantages. In our view, Beylikdüzü is a very suitable area to live in, in terms of nature, services and its acceptable prices , but it is far from the city center and the metro line will reach Beylikdüzü by 2023.
So we recommend to purchase a car if you want to live in Beylikdüzü and work in another region.

In conclusion, here are our distinctive properties in Beylikdüzü , apartments for sale in Belek Dozo:

Apartments For Sale In Beylikduzu Istanbul 

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