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Esenyurt area in Istanbul ... The cheapest area in the city

Esenyurt is an urban boom in Istanbul in particular and in Turkey generally. During the past decade it occupied the first place in real estate sales ratios in Istanbul, and it has become the focus of attention of major real estate development companies in Turkey, where gigantic residential projects have been constructed with the latest construction standards .. in the article we will know about this area and its features

Geographical location and history of Esenyurt:

Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul, it is bordered on the east by the municipality of Avcilar and kucukcekmece lake , on the west by the municipality of Buyukcekmece, on the north by both Basaksehir and Arnavutkoy, and on the south by the municipality of Beylikduzu.
Esenyurt on the map :
Esenyurt has an area of 43 square kilometers, 24 kilometers away from the city center of the city , 55 meters above sea level, and it consists of 22 districts  .
In the nineteenth century, the Esenyurt region was composed of agricultural lands and fiefs, and it was previously called “EŞKİNOZ” which is the name of one of the landowners in this region and from which its current name is derived.
This region received waves of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria in 1920 and 1938, as well as internal waves of displacement from separate Turkish states.
Esenyurt was approved as an independent municipality in 2008 after it was separated from the municipality of Buyukcekmece and annexed the town of Kıraç.

Esenyurt today:

In recent years, Esenyurt has achieved an urban boom in modern residential complexes. This urban development, in turn, has led to the development of its demographics. Esenyurt has benefited from this great development as it includes four cultural centers and four huge parks located between residential complexes, and this is not available in many Other municipalities in Istanbul.
In terms of construction style, Esenyurt is a residential area, as it is a destination for families to live in for several reasons, the most important of which is the modernity of construction plus  its prices are  very acceptable compared to real estate prices in other areas of Istanbul, in addition to the availability of all services that concern the family, There are also many universities in the region, as Esenyurt University, Beykent University, Istanbul Arel University, and Gelişim University.
Esenyurt also includes several shopping centers and malls, which are among the largest in Istanbul, as Torium mall, Marmara Park, Akpatı and City Center , and many distinctive shopping centers, plus the traditional markets in which the shops are distributed on both sides of different roads of Esenyurt.
In addition to that, the TÜYAP Exhibition and Conference Center, which is only 5 km from Esenyurt, and the huge Istanbul Airport, which is only 22 km away.


♦ Esenyurt is located between two main highways, which are the transportation nerve in Istanbul, where it is bordered on the north by the TEM or E80 highway that extends to the Bosphorus narrow and the Fatih Mehmed Bridge, and from the south by the E5 highway, which is the line that the metro bus line passes through and extends to the bridge of Martyrs of July 15th .
These two lines, as mentioned, are considered one of the transportation arteries in Istanbul, and they give Esenyurt residents easy access to the city center and the Asian part of it.

♦ The Metrobüs line, which connects west of Istanbul with its east, passes from Esenyurt, with 9 Stations

♦ The M7 metro line, a part of this line was opened at the beginning of 2021, and will be fully operational at the beginning of 2022, this line connects Esenyurt with Kabataş on the bank of the Bosphorus, passing through Eyüp Sültan and Sisli directly without using another metro or bus , and it will serve Esenyurt with 4 stations

♦ Buses , which connects Esenyurt with the entire city

Is Esenyurt really a low-level area?

Many who want to invest or to buy for living in real estate in Istanbul constantly ask this question about Esenyurt , and the reason for this is that the common idea of Esenyurt is that it is a low level area.
It can be considered that Esenyurt is divided into two parts, “the low-level area” and the “residential complexes area.” For clarification, these low-level areas do not mean that they are random housing areas, but rather are well-organized and fully serviced neighborhoods, but they are regular buildings and not compounds, but they are called This name to distinguish it from the other section of Esenyurt, which includes modern residential complexes.
Consequently, there are many sections in Esenyurt that are distinguished by the sophistication of their complexes, streets, and residents. Describing Esenyurt as a low-level area is completely wrong.

Is it good to buy a property in Esenyurt Or not?

Based on our real estate experience in Istanbul, which exceeds 7 years, we will answer yes, for several reasons:

♦ Competitive prices: You will not find in another area in Istanbul a modern and brand new apartment within a residential complex with integrated services at a price of 50 thousand dollars, and this price competes not only in other areas in Turkey, but also in many residential areas around the world

♦ Modern infrastructure: Modern projects require strong infrastructure (gas, water, electricity and the Internet), and this is what is available in Esenyurt rather than many other regions of Istanbul due to old infrastructure, For example, you find optical fiber internet lines in all areas of Esenyurt, while you do not find that in many central Istanbul neighborhoods due to the old infrastructure

♦ The highest annual sales rates: In the past decade, Esenyurt topped the highest real estate sales rates in Istanbul unchallenged, due to the interest of urban development companies in the region and the establishment of many large residential projects in it, in addition to the competitive prices as mentioned before

♦ Huge facilities: Esenyurt includes a large number of public and private health, educational and entertainment facilities

In conclusion, we would like to note that each region in Istanbul has what distinguishes it from the others, and that the decision to buy a property is due to several considerations determined by the investor himself
In order to help you take the right decision you may contact us .

And here are our properties for sale in Esenyurt : 

Apartments For Sale In Esenyurt Istanbul

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