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How a Syrian can buy a property in Turkey ?

Since 1939, Turkey and Syria have had problems with the property and elsewhere. And because Syria has taken possession of the property of Turkish citizens, denied them the right to dispose of them, and prevented them from mortgage or access to legal rights in this area. Turkey has reciprocated Syria and prevented all Syrians from buying the property in Turkey.

How can Syrians own a real estate in Turkey ?

♦ The Syrian citizen has another nationality and the property is registered in his name but on his other nationality and not the Syrian nationality in the event that there are no other laws imposed on the country that gave the Syrian nationality

♦ The Syrian shall establish a company that meets the general criteria, enabling it to register the property on the company's name, not on its own name, provided that the purchase of the property for use within the company's activities

On 28/05/1927, Turkey promulgated the Law No. 1062, which set limits for Syrian citizens in Turkey, in order to reciprocate the decisions taken by Syria regarding the Turkish citizens. Turkey did so in order to protect the rights of Turkish legal citizens in Syria , And to protect their property. As a result of this decision, Syrian citizens are not entitled to own property in Turkey.



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