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Istanbul Airport .. Part of the "Century Project" Turkey dream for 2023

On October 29, 2018, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened the new Istanbul airport, which named for the city (Istanbul airport). The airport work began partially (40% of the final plan) beginning in April 2019, coinciding with the suspension of Ataturk Airport. Istanbul airport will be fully operational by 2025, which is expected to be the largest airport in the world.

♦ The airport is part of several economic projects in Turkey called the "Century Project", which will contribute to bringing Turkey to the list of the 10 most powerful economies in the world, in order to achieve the most important goals of the 2023 plan.
♦ The new airport planned to be built because the two airport of Istanbul: "Atatürk" in the european side (37 million passengers annually), and "Sabiha Gökçen" in the anatolian side (13 million passengers annually) are no longer able to accommodate the volume of passengers through Istanbul.
♦ The total area of the airport is estimated at 76.5 million square meters and will be built in three stages.
♦ With the opening of the first phase, the capacity of Istanbul airport will reach 90 million passengers annually, which in 2025 will reach about 200 million passengers annually. With the completion of the three phases, the airport is expected to accommodate 3500 flights a day from around 350 destinations around the world, with 150 airlines operating. This large number of aircraft has allocated 6.5 million square meters to accommodate 500 aircraft at the same time.
♦ Air traffic control at the airport is monitored through 3 electronic control towers and 8 ground control towers.
♦ In its first phase, the airport will include two separate runways, which will be raised to 6 runways by 2025.
♦ The airport currently has 88 bridges for the passage of passengers, will reach 165 bridges at the completion of the third phase by 2025.
♦ The airport has four separate passenger halls, linked by railways and internal trains:

-  A main terminal hall with a total passenger capacity of 90 million passengers, with an area of 680,000 square meters

-  The second hall with an area of 170,000 square meters

-  A passenger lounge with a capacity of 30 million passengers, overlooking the sea and built on an area of 500,000 square meters (by the end of the third phase)

-  A passenger lounge with a capacity of 30 million passengers, built on an area of 340,000 square meters (by the end of the third phase).

♦ The area of free zone and shops within the airport is 100,000 square meters.
♦ With the opening of the first phase, the airport will provide 100,000 jobs and will increase to 223,000 jobs by full operation.
♦ The Turkish government estimates the total cost of Istanbul airport at 23.4 billion euros, of which 10.3 billion euros are construction costs without operating.
♦ According to Turkish officials, the new airport will contribute about 73 billion Turkish liras annually in the Turkish economy by 2025, equivalent to 4.9% of the Turkish GDP.
♦ By the end of the third phase by 2025, the airport will have several service facilities:

- VIP lounges

- Shipping and general aviation stations

- Presidential Palace

- Indoor and outdoor parking with a capacity of about 70,000 cars

- Medical Center

- Rescue aircraft and fire fighting stations

- Hotels

- Conference Centers

- Power plants

- Water treatment and waste facilities

♦ For full information about the airport, available services and flight schedules, please visit the official website of Istanbul Airport through the following link: Istanbul Airport

Location :
Istanbul Airport is located in the european side of the city in the Arnavutköy district, and is 34 km from the center of Istanbul.
The choice of a far location was one of the reasons for the suspension of the Atatürk airport, with the expandeing of Istanbul, Atatürk airport has been within the city after it was out of it when it established in 1953.
Istanbul Airport location on the map: here

How do I get to Istanbul Airport?
♦ Currently the fastest and least expensive way is the "Havaist" Airport bus. The new airport bus network has 48 points spread over all areas of Istanbul. You can know the timetable of departure from and to the airport and the cost of delivery through the following link: Havaist

M11 metro line:
It is the metro line that will connect Istanbul Airport with the Istanbul Metro network. This line will extend from "Şişli" district to Istanbul Airport and continue to the "Halkalı" district. The metro line will be operational from the beginning of 2020.
It is worth mentioning that "Halkalı" marmaray station is the starting point of the Marmaray line, which reaches "Gebze" district in the Anatolian side of Istanbul.
The following link to the metro lines that are still under construction, including the line M11: Metro.Istanbul




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