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Istanbul Gardens .. The city lungs and inhabitants breather

Istanbul is famous for its magnificent gardens, which are a haven for the people on weekends and holidays. The care given by the municipalities to these parks makes it an important landmark in the city and a destination for tourists from all over the world.
Of course we can not mention all these gardens into one article, so we will review with you in this article a number of the most famous gardens in Istanbul.
♦ Gülhane Park:
we can't talk about parks in Istanbul without putting Gulhane at the top of the list, it is already the most famous park in the city.
Gülhane or "House of roses" was created after the decision of the Ottoman organizations in 1839 under the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed I, It was then a private garden of the palace of the Sultans dedicated to the inhabitants of the palace and their guests. Later in 1912 the park was opened to the public where it was possible to visit and stroll in. In 1926, the first statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was built in the garden.
The park has undergone a number of changes since its establishment to the present time, where it was for a time a zoo, then changed this decision and the park was restored as a garden of plants and strolling.
Gülhane is located now in "Fatih" district, and it stretches along a small hill in the backyard of Istanbul's famous Topkapı Palace.
♦ Yıldız Park:
Yıldız Park is just as beautiful as its Gülhane, and it is also one of the palaces gardens of the Ottoman sultans.
The garden belonged to Yildiz Palace overlooking the Bosphorus, built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed II at the end of the 19th century. During the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, who was interested in landscaping, the park was expanded and decorated with beautiful fountains and various types of flowers.
The garden is currently filled with various types of trees, shrubs and flowers, which were imported from around the world, and some of these trees return to the Ottoman era.
The park is already a great place to relax, where only the sounds of birds are heard. The garden also has a restaurant (a Pavilion in the past) situated on a hilltop and offers great views of the Bosphorus.
The park is located in Yıldız quarter in Beşiktaş district, between the palaces of Yıldız and Çırağan.
♦ Emirgan Park:
One of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Turkey and the world, spread over an area of 470 thousand square meters, It was established in the reign of Sultan Murad IV and was bought by Khedive Ismail Pasha, who was governor of the Ottomans to Egypt and Sudan.
Emirgan Park contains more than 120 varieties of plants and flowers, and is known for its tulip, which planted in April every year hundreds of thousands of it in the garden, in different colors and species, giving the garden a beautiful view. The park also has many rare trees and visitors can also see squirrels that inhabit the garden trees. In the middle of the garden there are two ceramic pools, along with a number of tables, fountains and industrial waterfalls.
The garden contains three palaces built during the reign of the Khedive Ismail, the white, pink and yellow palace, and served as places of recreation. They are now used as restaurants and cafés. The Brides visit the garden frequently to take photos and share the family's breakfast or lunch.
The park is located in the district of "Sarıyer" in the northernmost part of Istanbul.
♦ Maçka Democracy Park:
This park is a breather for residents of Shishli district of central Istanbul. It is not only a park but also a recreational place with walking trails, children's play areas, and also a gym. You can enjoy the park from the top if you wish, by riding a "cable car" (TF1: Maçka - Taşkışla) that passes over the park.
Maçka Park is located in Şişli district in Istanbul, and extends from Harbiye Neighborhood north to the Vodafone Stadium (The headquarters of famous Beşiktal Club) south.
♦ Mihrabat Korusu:
while you are sitting in this garden among greenery, sipping your coffee, You can enjoy a direct view of the Bosphorus, the "Fatih sultan mehmet" bridge and Rumelı Castle.
This park is located in the district of "Beykoz" in Istanbul, at the junction of the Fatih sultan mehmet bridge with the anatolian part of the city.
♦ Polonezköy tabiat parkı:
It is actually a forest rather than a garden, located next to the village of Polonez, and is about 45 minutes from the city center of Istanbul. This park is very quiet and is covered with vast green spaces. Polonez is an agricultural village that in recent years has become an open holiday resort.
The village of Polonez has plenty of barbecue places, also has a number of traditional small hotels, where you can spend several days away from the hustle of the city, enjoying the magical atmosphere. It is also suitable for those who like horseback riding, and wandering through the forests.
Polonezköy is located in the district of "Beykoz" in the anatolian part of Istanbul.
♦ Istanbul Zoo "Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi ve Botanik Parkı":
Istanbul's zoo is one of the most beautiful and attractive of Istanbul's gardens, with a rare variety of wild animals of 135 species, such as crocodiles, turtles, bears, lions, etc., as well as more than 250 species of rare plants and trees.
The zoo is named after its founder, businessman "Faruk Yalçın". It is actuly located in "Kocaeli" state not Istanbul, but it is very easy to reach it from Istanbul after the opening of the Marmaray metro line, where the metro station is less than 2 km away from the zoo.
The zoo welcomes visitors from 9:00 am to 17:30 pm, entry ticket is about 35 Turkish liras and free entry for children under five.


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