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Kagithane area in Istanbul ... The new real estate Investment destination in Turkey

If we want to talk about an area in Istanbul that was not mentioned in the classification among its desired neighborhoods for living, and today it has become the focus of attention of those wishing to invest in real estate, then Kağıthane is the first with this title.
Going back to fifty years ago, Kagithane was a neighborhood attached to the municipality of Sisli, famous for its overcrowding in housing that can only be described as random, due to the internal migration from the rest of the Turkish states to Istanbul, but the central location of this region in Istanbul and its adjacent to the largest, oldest and most sophisticated In the neighborhoods, it was not possible to simply ignore it and leave things as they were, and this is what prompted the successive Turkish governments to give this region greater attention in terms of services, organization and administration.
Whereas, in 1987, Kagithane was separated from the municipality of ŞİşLİ and considered it an independent municipality of Istanbul's 39 municipalities, and more than that, several areas of şişli were cut off and attached organizationally and administratively to “Kagithane”.

History & reason of name:

This name was given to Kagithane in the past because of the paper factories, as this village "where it was considered an old village" is located on the banks of a small stream at the end of the Golden Horn Bay. Paper factories were built on its banks, hence the name Kağıthane, meaning what can be translated "place of Paper manufacture. "
When we talk about the history of the region, because of its central location in Istanbul, we find it mentioned in the writings of the Ottoman historian and traveler Evliya çelebi , who lived in the middle of the seventeenth century, in his book “siyahat name” meaning “The Book of Travels,” where the historian mentioned that this region was a place for recreation, and visited by merchants coming to Istanbul from all over the world, for recreation & swimming in the stream, at a time when urbanization did not go beyond the ancient city walls. He also mentioned that it contains a large and old paper plant, from which the name came.
This village was the seat of more than 170 palaces. Because of its nature, men of power and influential people in the Ottoman Empire used it as a headquarters for their summer and fishing activities during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, but no traces of these palaces remained after they were destroyed during the events of the 1730 uprising. .
Among the remaining archaeological buildings in the area is the SADABAD archaeological mosque, and it is called today the Kagithane Mosque. The mosque is located on the bank of the stream and was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed III, and was restored during the reign of Sultan Selim III, and it remains to the present day the focus of visitors' attention as an architectural masterpiece. On the Ottoman architecture during that era.


Kagithane is located in the European part of Istanbul, it is bordered on the north by Sarıyer municipality, on the east by Beşiktaş, and Şişli to the south and to the west by Eyüp sultan. The following link shows the administrative boundaries of the region:
While this town was a small area attached to the municipality of şişli, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, its area expanded significantly during the last 15 years, after it included areas of the adjacent şişli district. Today, kagithane has an area of 15 square kilometers, 8 km away from the Istanbul city center, and only 42 meters above sea level, and it is divided administratively into 19 districts.

Between Past & present:

Kagithane is one of the neighborhoods that have been given special importance in infrastructure development, and where there is development, investments are directed.
After expanding its geographical area and developing its services significantly, it became the focus of attention of huge construction companies, for the simple reason of its proximity to the city center and the low prices of real estate compared to the surrounding areas.

Ease of transportation:

Kagithane is in the middle of a network of highways linking it to various parts of Istanbul, where two highways that serve as two transportation arteries in Istanbul pass through it: the E80 highway to the north (extending to the Sultan Mehmet Fatih Bridge), and the E5 highway to the south (extending to the July 15 Martyrs Bridge). In addition to the highway connecting them from north to south.
We cannot lose sight of one of the main boulevards in the region, which is "Cendere caddesi". This road that connects to the "Büyükdere caddesi" road that connects to Maslak is one of the most important investment destinations where the largest and most luxurious urban projects are located on both sides of it.
For those who prefer public transportation to escape traffic congestion, at the beginning of 2021 a new metro line M7 that connects the Kabatas area to Mahmoud Bey area via Kagithane has been opened, and thus access to the area has become very easy, and this has given real estate in the area an additional investment value plus prices & rental were raised for all properties in Kagithane .

Investment tip:

Some may think that "Kagithane" may not be the best option for real estate investment compared to the surrounding areas such as Sisli, Besiktas or Levent. On the contrary, we as Taksim Real Estate draw the attention of investors to the fact that it is one of the real investment opportunities in Istanbul, Because of it's in the center of the city with half of price compared to other center areas.
Indeed, you may find a property for sale in Kagithane at half the price of the property in Sisli, without being more than 2 km away from Sisli, and this explains the demand of investors to buy a real estate in kagithane at the present time, as it is central and at a really economical price compared to its location, quality of construction and surrounding entertainment, and because Its real estate prices, in a short time, will match the real estate prices within the surrounding areas, and thus it is a distinguished investment option.
It is also distinguished by the presence of residential complexes for sale in Kagithane, and there are apartments for sale in installments in Kagithane.

Here are the list of our apartments for sale in Kagithane : 

Apartments For Sale In kagithane Istanbul

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