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Taksim area in Istanbul ...Heart of the city

Every big city in the world has a neighborhood that it is famous for, its mediator is spread in the world and its name is associated with the name of this city so that hardly a visitor visit a city without passing through this neighborhood or street, for example we find "Broadway Avenue" in New York, and "The Champs-Elysées: in Paris," Istanbul, with its famous "Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue", is the icon.

Reason of Taksim name:

The word Taksim is an Arabic origin according to what was mentioned by the Turkish Language Association, and its meaning is clear to everyone who speaks Arabic and it means (division into sections). This name originally came from the purpose for which it was established, as it was the point where the main water lines converged, coming from North of Istanbul, and branching out into other parts of the city. Taksim area was created for this purpose during the reign of Sultan Mahmud I in the years 1732-1733 AD, where the famous square took its name from the stone water reservoir (divided), which still exists to this day at Entrance to the famous Istiklal street .


Although Taksim area is large in its fame, but it is small geographically, Taksim is a small neighborhood of a small locality called “Gümüş suyu” meaning silver water, which is administratively affiliated to the famous municipality of BEYOĞLU, which has a total area of only 9 square kilometers, and it is the smallest area among Istanbul's 39 municipalities . BEYOĞLU is located in the heart of Istanbul on the European side of the city, to the north of the Golden Horn Bay, and to the west of the Bosphorus.

Link of Taksim square in google maps :

Taksim can be reached from anywhere in Istanbul, the famous metro station of M4 line is located right at the square, as well as the funicular station that connects Taksim down to Kabatas and the Bosphorus coast, the airport bus station Havaist, in addition to many different ways of transportation that reach Taksim from various parts of Istanbul.

Distinguished Landmarks:

Certainly, one article to talk about archaeological or contemporary monuments will not suffice to Taksim, as history is crowded in this place , and you will find the most beautiful ancient buildings decorated with exquisite inscriptions, embracing the most luxurious shops of the largest modern international brands.
Among the most prominent features that distinguish Taksim area, we mention:
♦ The famous monument of the republic, which is located in the middle of the square and is seen from its four corners, as it was inaugurated in 1928 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923, and it was designed by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica.
♦  Ataturk Cultural Center: With its famous building, which is not hidden from view, overlooking the square, the center includes an opera house, and it has been an icon of the modern Turkish architecture system since the 1960s.
♦ Istiklal Avenue: the undisputed most famous street in Istanbul, through which the archaeological Tramvay line, which was established in 1913, to connect to Taksim Square, with Galata Tower at the end of Istiklal Avenue, passes through it. .
♦ Unique archaeological buildings: including what was previously called "the artillery barracks", which later turned into the first football stadium in Istanbul in 1921, and the Galatasaray High School building with its magnificent gate at the entrance to Independence Avenue, as well as churches on the sides of Istiklal Avenue, such as the Aya Triad Church and St. Anthony's Church ... and many many beautiful ancient buildings that this article narrows from mentioning.

Historical and spatial value:

Taksim Square and Independence Avenue witnessed the most important events that Turkey has gone through in contemporary history, and with a simple internet search, the reader will hardly find an important event in the history of the Turkish Republic unless his name is associated with this region.
Protests, demonstrations, festivals, celebrations ... every cultural, political and social activity this region had a share in, the last of which was the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, when Turkish citizens held a sit-in in the square until the morning hours.
On the other hand, you will find entertainment in all its forms, this part of Istanbul never sleeps, restaurants and cafes, hotels and tourism offices, shops and street vendors, and most importantly, foreign visitors who do not stop visiting Taksim throughout the year.

Real estate investment value in Taksim:

It is not a secret to the reader that we have chosen the name of our company since its opening, due to the most famous place in Istanbul "Taksim", this name that summarizes Istanbul in all its diversity, and as we seek always to provide our customers with the most correct investment advice, we will provide the following advice:
Taksim is not always considered as an ideal place to live, as it is constantly crowded with visitors, but it is on the opposite side of the best areas of Istanbul with its return on investment.
This has pushed many real estate companies to buy old buildings and renovate them using the latest contemporary architectural methods, and convert them into luxurious hotels or high-end residential complexes in Taksim. Therefore, buying a property in Taksim is one of the successful investments that yield high returns, whether through subsequent resale or through leasing, since the region is the most important tourist area in Istanbul throughout the year.

Properties in Taksim area may be high in price compared to real estate for sale in Istanbul in other regions, but this increase in prices is justified, as the investment return for the region is the highest in Istanbul.
Here is our link for apartments for sale in Taksim : 

Apartments For Sale in Taksim Istanbul

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