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The Advantages of Living in European Istanbul | Most beautiful landmarks and best services.

With its history, seas, and seven hills, European Istanbul is the only city in the world that spans two continents. Today, we simplify it in your hands as a piece of paradise!

Here is the cradle of many secrets and legends, as well as picturesque scenes, and because of that, Istanbul topped the list of the best European cities for the year 2021 AD, according to the American "Travel and Leisure" magazine.

In this article from Taksim Real Estate, we highlight Istanbul's European side, the advantages of living in it, and what it contains in museums, commercial centers, neighborhoods, and tourist attractions.

What are the regions of the European section of Istanbul?

European Istanbul charms everyone's heart; you can choose to live in a historical perfume bottle among its divisions and islands, or within its modern municipalities with their malls and gardens, or on the banks of its seas and lakes...

Wherever you move, you will find some beauty and splendor in all its neighborhoods, which are :

1. Taksim Square in Beyoglu.

2. Fatih , the icon of conquering the city.

3. Zeytinburnuon near Constantinople's historic walls,

4. Besiktas.

5. Sisli.

6. Kağıthane.

7. Sariyer.

8. Silivri

9. Esenler

10. Eyüpsultan area, which embracing the shrine of the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari.

11. Gaziosmanpaşa.

12. Sultan Ghazi.

13. Güngören

14. Bakirkoy

15. Bayrampaşa

16. Basaksehir, and there is a city of green gardens in it, Bahcesehir.

17. Kucukcekmece which is Minor Lake.

18. Bahcelievler

19. Bagcilar.

20. Avcilar.

21. Beylikdüzü.

22. Esenyurt which is crowded with residential complexes, and we have many offers for anyone looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt.

23. Buyukcekmece, which is the big Lake.

24. Çatalca

25. Arnavutköy.

What are the benefits of living in European Istanbul?

There are many advantages to live in the European side of Istanbul, with the variety of topography of its different regions, where you can find in it:

The outdoor lifestyle, with the roaring waves of the sea and its gentle breezes,

modern lifestyle in the center of a major metropolitan city.

wonderful weather and a mild climate most of the year.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as animal products.

Ease of movement through air, land, and sea transportation networks around the clock.

Istanbul contains 3 airports, one of which is on the Asian side, while Istanbul Airport will be considered the largest in the world after the completion of all its phases.

The Metrobus line runs on a special track that cuts across the city from its European end in Beylikdüzü to Uzunşeir on the Asian side of Istanbul. Its vehicles are constantly being upgraded, providing free internet, screens, air conditioning, heating, and other amenities.

Ships and ferries also have long and historical lines that continue to this day between the ports of Istanbul and the surrounding cities, such as Bursa.

The modern Marmaray metro line, which was built under the water, not far from the huge Avrasya Tunnel, which shortens the distance between the two continents.

As the Istanbul metro lines writhe above the ground, extending their arms in a spider shape that lengthens every day to cover the vast European corners of Istanbul,

The cost of living is acceptable, with multiple levels that suit everyone.

There are countless monuments and historical buildings.

It contains huge shopping centers and international brands at reasonable prices.

Proximity to financial and business centers, not to mention hotels, fairs, and bazaars.

Incubating dozens of public and private universities.

In addition to the availability of international, Arabic, and Turkish schools of all kinds and curricula,

A strong health system that includes hundreds of hospitals, clinics, and medical centers in all neighbourhoods and municipalities.

Between all of this and that, its modern residential complexes, equipped with all the amenities, luxury, sports, health, artificial lakes, and green spaces, are scattered with models of apartments and villas of various sizes and rooms that meet all the requirements of families.

The most beautiful gardens in European Istanbul

1 - Emirgan Parki

There are many gardens in Istanbul on the European side, and the "Emirgan" is at the forefront of these gardens because it contains more than 120 species of plants, and includes two ceramic ponds. It is also one of the largest public gardens in Istanbul.

2 - Florya Gardens

Florya Gardens on the beachfront include restaurants with the most luxurious types of food, children's games, a walkway, a nursery, a racing track, a children's traffic city, and a cafe, and you will find roses and flowers flaunting on both sides of its breathtaking beauty.

3 - Gulhane Park | one of the most beautiful European gardens in Istanbul.

In 2008, Gulhana Park included a historical museum of technology and Islamic sciences on its western side, and it was said that it was dedicated to the Sultan and his family. It was part of the outer garden of the Topkapi Palace.

Istanbul museums on the European side

1 - Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Museum was an "Orthodox cathedral", then it was transformed by Mehmed the Conqueror into a mosque, and turned to a museum during  the era of the Republic  in 1935 AD, recently become a mosque in the presence of the Turkish President. Therefore, it is an important and famous historical landmark.

2 - Rumeli Hisar Museum

Built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Rumeli Hisar overlooks the Bosphorus and is in the form of a historical castle that protects the city's borders.

3 - Turkey Museum of Marine Biology

The Turkey Museum of Marine Biology is located within the "Beylikdüzü" area, and there are a number of whales, marine life, and stuffed fish, such as: tuna, rays, hamsi, and sharks.


This was an overview of the advantages of living in European Istanbul, where you will find the most beautiful landmarks and the best services in its various regions. with a review of some of its museums and gardens, in addition to the advantages of living there.

It is worth saying that European Istanbul specializes in the most luxurious and secured real estate projects, some of which are guaranteed by the Turkish government, and others are implemented by the largest construction companies and hotels in the world, with guaranteed return on investment by leasing the property or resale it.

So, if you want to invest or live in one of Istanbul's European neighborhoods and need more information please check our lisited properties and apartments in European Istanbul , Apartments for sale in European Istanbul  , or  contact us at Taksim Real Estate Consulting, and our team will be happy to provide you with the best real estate advice.

Editing: Taksim Real Estate Consulting©

Sources: Turk Press, Wikipedia

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