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What are the best options for obtaining a second passport? | Turkish citizenship on the top.

The international investor's quest to obtain the second passport is linked to his desire to enter some countries without a prior visa... Moreover, because Turkish citizenship deservedly achieves this, along with many other privileges; it tops the list of best options.

A Turkish passport holder can enter many countries without a visa, as he uses the first passport to enter and leave his country, while the second helps him to travel to the country he needs to go to from time to time.

In this article from Taksim Real Estate, we explain the importance of obtaining a second passport, highlighting the advantages of obtaining a second citizenship from Turkey, so continue reading.

What is the importance of obtaining the second passport?

The second passport helps you avoid the tedious routine of procedures when obtaining a visa for a country, as it gives you ease of movement from one country to another, without the need to obtain a prior visa.

There are many countries that provide you with this advantage in return for investment, or donations to the government fund, or by owning a property, and other conditions that may be difficult for the investor to achieve, in addition to their often-high costs.

In fact, obtaining a strong passport will cost you an amount of money, but if it is a safe investment that saves your money, and achieves a profitable profit margin for you; this will be your perfect choice at all, which will be achieved for you by naturalization in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship in the top 

Under the law, a foreign investor is allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property worth 250 thousand US dollars, depositing 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank, or establishing a company and employing several Turkish citizens there.

Citizenship is obtained according to easy procedures, enhanced by government facilities provided to foreign investors, which makes obtaining second citizenship from Turkey at the forefront of investors' choices.

Turkish passport strength

Complete the file of naturalization in Turkey under the investment in the country, and obtain the Turkish passport, which gives you ease of movement between more than 72 important European, Gulf and Asian countries, without an entry visa.

The Turkish passport also gives you the ability to enter 42 countries with a visa issued upon arrival, and 7 countries with an electronic visa, which can be easily obtained from the Internet.

Why Turkish citizenship?

Stable government institutions

Nationality holders and residents of Turkish territory enjoy flexible dealings within government institutions, when any legal transaction is needed, as most services are obtained through mobile applications.

Strong health system

Turkey has a strong health system, which has become an ideal destination for treatment after the opening of several medical cities, such as Basaksehir Medical City, the best medical city in Europe.

Outstanding education system

Turkey enjoys its distinguished educational system with its multiplicity of systems and the language of study, in addition to the spread of universities in all Turkish states, as there is no city without a Turkish university, whether it is governmental or private.

Turkish economy

The Turkish economy is growing steadily despite the recent health conditions that have affected the economy of most countries in the world, which gives investment in Turkey a character of safety and reliability.


This was a full presentation of the importance of obtaining a second passport, and the advantages that you obtain when extracting the naturalization file in Turkey, and obtaining a Turkish passport.

 If you would like to know more about how to obtain a Turkish passport; do not hesitate to contact us at Taksim Real Estate Consulting, and our team will be happy to provide adequate answers to your inquiries... Contact now! 


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