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Zeytinburnu Area In Istanbul …Modern Properties within old Istanbul

Zeytinburnu is considered one of Istanbul`s most important and central municipalities. It was approved as an independent municipality in 01/09/1957. it is in the city`s European side overlooking the Marmara Sea with an almost 3-kilometer-long coastal strip. Bordered from the East by Fatih municipality and from the north the municipalities of Ayupsultan, Bayrampaşa and Esenler and from the West the municipalities of Güngören and Bakırköyç and from the South Marmara Sea. It covers 12 square kilometers. It is elevated 24 meters from the surface of the sea and divided to 13 neighborhoods. The following link is for Zeytinburnu`s location on the map

History and reason behind Zeytinburnu name :

The word `Burun` in Turkish means head (it means the land`s entrance in sea= the opposite of golf). This region used to be famous for olive cultivation in the past. For that reason, it was named `olive head Zeytinburnu`. Some sources says that in the era of Byzantines it was a seaport or fortress, since it was close to the old city walls (they still can be seen in Zeytinburnu) and almost all the old city doors `Topkapı, Mevlanakapı, Silivrikapı, Belgradkapı) are opened to Zeytinburnu. After the Constantinople conquest and the entering of Ottomans, priests and monks coming from Jerusalem settled in this area where they lived a simple life planting vegetables and olives, even now if we check the old city records, we will find many ownership records are named as the Jerusalem Farm `Kudüslü Şerıf Çiftliği`. This region became a park and a place of entertainment for the old city residents for its closeness, peace, green spaces and sea view.

Archaeological and tourist attractions:

Zeytinburnu region is rich in historical and archaeological attractions that can be visited and that`s due to its special location near the old city walls, furthermore, Zeytinburnu`s municipality is considered one of the most active municipalities in Istanbul, where it accomplished many entertainment and service projects in the region. We mention these landmarks as an example:

1- Panorama 1453:

This museum was created in 2008 in memory of the Constantinople conquest in My 5th 1453 and that is by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the second named Al Fatih. The museum is in Merkezefendi in Zeytinburnu, it includes different pieces of weapons that was used in the conquest, also it includes many distinctive wall paintings that immortalize this great event that changed the course of history and the world map. The museum is open for visitors all week with very reasnabble entry fees.      

2-Topkaı Cultural Park:

Topkapı’s cultural park, located in Maltepe, Zeytinburnu, is known as the first first place that sultan Mehmet Al Fatih passed through entering the city during the conquest. This region used to be a square for street vendors and markets but with all the renovations of the regions in many fields a big garden was established. The garden includes green spaces, tracks to watch the city landmarks, kid's playgrounds, swimming pools, mosques, and parking, in addition to the 1453 panorama aforementioned.

3-The Old city Walls:

Zeytinburnu includes the longest part of the old city walls `Constantinople walls` that are 22 kilometer long. This wall was built in 413 AD, and it stretches from the coast of Zeytinburnu on the Marmara Sea from the south until it reaches the golden horn in the north. The part of the wall in Zeytinburnu region is 5.5 kilometer and has 123 watchtowers. On the south of these walls, behind the golden door there is the `seven doors Yedikule` neighborhood which gets its name from the interconnected seven towers that form the shape of a pentagram.


Zeytinburnu is considered a central region in Istanbul, and it has many rapid transit lines among them:

♦ The Metrobus line that has 3 stations in Zeytinburnu and passes the main street E5 that extends to the Asian side passing through the July 15th Martyrs bridge.

♦ The metro line M1 and it is the oldest metro line in Istanbul and crosses Zeytinburnu in 3 stations and connects it to Yenikapı from the East and Bakirköy West.

♦ Tramway line T1 that connects Kabataş with Bağcılar and has 6 stations in Zeytinburnu.

♦ Tramway line T4 that goes north to Habibler and has 2 stations in Zeytinburnu.

♦ The bus lines and express transportation Minibuses that connect Zeytinburnu to all over Istanbul.

Investment advantages:

Zeytinburnu has a distinguished investment position granted by its geographical position. It is Located within the old city right next to its walls.It is located near the beach with a fabulous sea promenade. Close to the shopping malls and main markets in Istanbul. One of Istanbul`s most important main streets which is Kennedy Street passes by it, it extends along the coast until it reaches Ataturk Airport and World Trade Center and has many luxury hotels such as Hilton, Radisson Blu and Novotel.

This vital and strategic location led to construction companies' eagerness to build huge projects in it. Zeytinburnu, and especially the south part of it near the cost and Kennedy Street, includes real estate projects that are considered among the most luxurious of Istanbul and maybe we are not exaggerating when we say the most expensive. And this is of course justified by the amazing coastal view and closeness to the city center that increased the real estate prices remarkably.

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