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increasing of Turkey real estate sales for foreigners in 2018

Turkish statistics agency revealed new figures relating to the high rate of foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey and the number of properties sold in Turkey during the year 2018.
According to the new statistics released on 16 January 2019 by the Turkish Statistics Agency, the number of properties sold in Turkey during the year 2018: 1,375,398 apartments, with an increase of 2.4 % compared to the same sales in 2017 .

Distribution of Turkey's real estate sales between cities :
Istanbul topped the list of the best-selling Turkish states with 235,055 apartments which is 17 % of the total real estate sales in 2018.
Ankara came second with 131,161 apartments, which is 9.5 % of total sales across Turkey.
The state of Izmir ranked third in the list of best-selling residential apartments, with 75,672 apartments, which is 5.5 % .

The most purchased nationalities in Turkey :
The proportion of foreign ownership of real estate within the sector sales of apartments in the year 2018 increased by 78.4 % , compared with sales in 2017.
According to statistics, the number of apartments sold to foreigners in 2018 is   39,663 apartments.
Iraqis have topped a list of foreigners who bought homes from Turkey. The number of homes sold to Iraqis reached 8,205, followed by Iranians with 3,625 apartments, Saudi Arabia third with 2,718 apartments.
While the Russians dissolved fourth with 2,297 apartments , and the Kuwaiti fifth with 2,199 apartments .

The ranking of the Turkish cities in the ownership of foreigners to the property :
The city of Istanbul was the top Turkish state in the foreign ownership of the property, with 14,270 apartments, followed by Antalya in second place with 7,938 apartments, and the third is Bursa with 2,720, and the capital Ankara fourth with 2,133 apartments.


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