About us

About us

Taksim Real Estate Consultancy, established in Istanbul in 2017 with a tax number 8161000115, we are specialized with real estate services with no commissions from our clients. we have agreements with more than 250 projects in the most attractive areas of Istanbul.

We are pleased that we provided services to more than 189 customers of different nationalities from all over the world and have won the confidence of investors and customers.

Taksim Real Estate Consultancy offers its services in modern and upscale housing complexes that ensure our customers' well being and safety.



  • Vision

    Our company considers Turkey as a compass to attract investment in general, especially real estate investment, for several reasons, the most important of which is the tremendous economic development achieved in recent years, the laws that characterize Turkey and guarantee the rights of investors in addition to the beauty of nature charming and moderate air.

  • Objectives

    Taksim Real Estate Consultancy aims at providing services to the investors by guiding them to projects with high reliability and high return on investment and guiding the valued customers to projects with high finishing, government guaranteed projects and suitable with their budget. It also aims to gain investor confidence and remain at the forefront of real estate companies in Turkey.

  • Slogan

    Taksim Real Estate Consultancy ..your compass to find the right property in Turkey.