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Asian Istanbul | The advantages of living among its most beautiful landmarks

Special charm and incomparable beauty cover most of the Asian and European corners of Istanbul. In the city of the two continents, the most beautiful European city for the world in 2021; you find the picturesque nature and the ancient cultural heritage, mixed with the spirit of modernity and contemporary.

In this article, we highlight everything related to the Anatolian side of Istanbul; Neighborhoods, Tourist Attractions; Museums; Gardens; Shopping Centers ; with a presentation of the most important features of living.

Where is the Asian side of Istanbul located?

Between the Sea of Marmara in the south and the Black Sea to the north. The Asian side of Istanbul is on the east bank of the enchanting Bosphorus strait that divides the world between East and west; It also divides the city into two parts, European and Anatolian.

What are the neighborhoods of Asian Istanbul?

The Asian section of Istanbul consists of 14 districts and neighborhoods; They are:

► Adalar - Princess Islands

► Ataşehir

► Beykoz

► Çekmeköy


► Kartal

► Maltepe

► Pendik 

► Sancaktepe

► Sultanbeyli

► Şile

► Tuzla 

► Ümraniye

► Üsküdar

What are the advantages of living in the Asian side of Istanbul?

The advantages of living in the Asian side are summarized In “ the calm” shaped by the following factors:

• Most of the residents are locals with a culture that tends to be calm.

• The population density is lower than the European side.

• Traffic flow on the roads.

• Wide streets; and vast green spaces.

• Urban neighborhoods away from slums.

• Residential units with large spacious areas.

The most beautiful gardens of Asian Istanbul

1. Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden

Enjoy the richest plant diversity in Turkey in the Botanical Garden in Ataşehir; which you can enter it for free from Atasehir Gate or Umraniye Gate; it is one of the Istanbul Gardens Pearls.

2. Korusu Gozdagi Orchad

Enjoy a panoramic view of Yalova Province and the Princess Islands when you visit Gozday orchard, spread over an area of 13 thousand square meters; it is 206 meters above sea level.

3. Goztepe 60th  Year  Park

Colorful fishes and unique gardens of tulips and roses; you can enjoy it as this park is located between Baghdad Street and the coastal road.

4. Otagtepe Park

One of the most beautiful landmarks of the Beykoz region; where the vast green spaces extending over the side of the bridge of Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh with Stunning view of the Bosphorus and European Istanbul.

5. Fenerbahce Park

It is located within the Kadikoy district; next to Fenerbahce Sports Club and Kalamis Marina”; it has a beautiful sea view.

Museums you must visit in Asian side of Istanbul

1. Sabri Artam Classic Car Museum

This museum is located in Çengelköy and attracts lovers of classic cars; where a collection of antique cars in Turkey are there.

2. Beylerbey Palace

It is located in the Beylerbey neighborhood, north of the Bosphorus Bridge, and includes rare pieces of chandeliers, vases and historical carpets; in addition to some gifts brought by Aliens statesmen to the Ottoman Empire.

3. Toy Museum

Children’s entertainment place in Kadıköy; Established in 2005; featuring thousands toys. Some of them date back about 300 years.

4. Sait Faik Abasiyanik Museum

It is located in the Burgazada district; presents letters, pictures and manuscripts; in addition to some of the collections of the famous writer Site Faik.

The most prominent historical landmarks on the Asian side of Istanbul

1. Haydarpaşa Train Station

It is the oldest railway station in Turkey with a tall tower and colorful decorated windows with wreaths, it has a wonderful view of Kadikoy Bay.

2. Çinili Camii Mosque

One of the most famous historical mosques in Istanbul; it is located within Uskudar District; it has been built in 1640 AD by order of the wife of Sultan Ahmed I.

3. Virgo Tower

Also known as the girl’s Tower (kiz kulesi); it sits on a small island at the entrance to the strait southern Bosphorus; 200 meters from the coast of Uskudar; It goes back to the century V BC. It has become one of the icons of the city of the two continents.

The most famous shopping street in Asian Istanbul

 The best shopping streets in the Asian part of the city; you can find it within the Kadıköy district, Namely:

• Baghdad Street

• Bahri Street

• Cilek strawberry street

Asian Istanbul’s most luxurious malls

• Akasya Mall

• Emaar Mall

• Istmarina Mall

• Tepe Nautilus Mall

• ViaPort Istanbul Mall

• Water garden Mall

• Hill Town Mall

• Can Park Mall

• Palladium Mall

• Capitol Mall

• Brandium Mall

• Buyaka Mall

This was a comprehensive presentation of the advantages of living in the Asian side of Istanbul; in addition to the most famous historical and tourist attractions that it is famous for.

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Editing: Taksim Real Estate Consulting©

Source: New Turk Post + Turk Press + Wikipedia

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