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Bahcesehir area in Istanbul .. The City of gardens

• (Bahçeşehir).. or as can be translated "the city of gardens", is one of the modern suburbs in Istanbul. It is located on the northwest side of 'küçükçekmece' Lake , west of Istanbul.
• Bahçeşehir administratively linked to municipality of Başakşehir, it's 12 km away from its center, and about 26 km away from Istanbul's city center.
• Bahçeşehir Divided into two administrative regions:
                   Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım: see it on map 
                   Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım: see it on map
• Bahçeşehir is characterized by its fresh air, especially because of its relative height (105 m above sea level), as well as the spread of parks between neighborhoods. also modernity of the building and the way of organization, which gives the residents comfort and calmness.

Government Mega projects:
Bahçeşehir is located next to several infrastructure and transport projects which are the largest in Turkey.
♦ Canal Istanbul project: Which is scheduled to open in 2023, The President of the Republic of Turkey called him "Crazy Project". This canal will connect the Black Sea to the north by the Sea of Marmara to the south, which will be an industrial "Bosphorus".
The canal project is not only a waterway but also includes a huge regulatory area located on both sides of the canal, this area will include high-end housing projects, as well as many other service and leisure projects.
Parts of the Bahçeşehir area will be included in this regulatory area of the canal project, as the center of the Bahçeşehir area is not far from the supposed estuary of the canal more than 2 km.
♦ The biggest airport in the world: the new Istanbul airport, which its first section has been opened in early April 2019. The airport is part of several economic projects in Turkey called the "Century Project", this project will contributes to Turkey's entry into the list of the 10 most powerful economies in the world, in order to achieve the most important objectives of the 2023 Plan.
Bahçeşehir is just 20 km away from the airport, which is easily accessible by airport buses 'Havaist ' which connect the airport with all over Istanbul.
♦ E80 Highway: Which passes directly along Bahçeşehir from the south, This highway is one of the main axis in international road transport, extending to Europe in the west, and cutting Turkish territory to Ankara in the east. 
♦ Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge: The bridge opened at the end of August 2016, connecting the two parts of the city and passing over the Bosphorus.
The width of the bridge is 59 meters and contains 10 tracks, including two tracks for railway trains. The bridge is the longest suspension bridge with railway tracks in the world, with a length of 2164 meters, and its pillars are among the highest in the world with a height of 322 meters.
In fact, the Sultan Selim Bridge is not close to Bahçeşehir, but we have mentioned it as part of the mega projects surrounding Bahçeşehir because of easy access to it from Bahçeşehir by the highways E80, O7 and O4.

In terms of public transport, there are several modes of transport that connects Bahçeşehir with the other parts of Istanbul, in addition to the E80 highway which passes through the south of the Bahçeşehir district as mentioned, we have:
♦ M7 metro line: Which will be in operation at the beginning of 2020, and will connect between Kabtaş in the center of Istanbul and Esenyurt, through Bahçeşehir and Ispartakule.
The following link to the last update of the Istanbul Transportation network (the uncolored lines are under construction), the line connecting Bahçeşehir is the M7 line, will be in operation at the beginning of 2020:
♦ The bus lines: which connect Bahçeşehir with all over Istanbul, and connect the neighborhoods of Bahçeşehir with each other:

• 76D / 76E To Taksim

• 144M To Mahmutbey metro station In Bağcılar

• 146 / E-57 To Bakırköy

• 146BA To Avcılar

• 146T To Yenıkapı

• E-58 To Mecidiyeköy

• MR51 To Halkalı

Integrated service facilities:
There are many service facilities that cater to all family requirements Spread in all over of Bahçeşehir . Universities, schools, hospitals, police stations, commercial markets, gardens and mosques.
Among them, we mention:
♦ Universities: (İbn Haldun Üniversitesi) in Başakşehir, (Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa Teknik Bilimler MYO Büyükçekmece Hadımköy Yerleşkesi) and (Beykent University Campus Hadimkoy).
♦ Hospitals : (Acıbadem Bahçeşehir Tıp Merkezi) , (İstinye Üniversite Hospital) , (Bahçeşehir Semt Polikliniği).
♦ shopping centers: There are several shopping centers in the city, including traditional ones such as popular markets or malls, Perhaps the most famous and largest is the Mall of AKBATI AVM , which is considered one of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul and not only in Bahçeşehir. Its extensive construction, with branches of world-renowned brands, made it a destination for visitors from various parts of Istanbul, making the surrounding area one of the liveliest areas of Bahçeşehir.
♦ Gardens: as we mentioned that the name "Bahçeşehir" means the Garden City, so the gardens spread all over it , like the waterfall Park (Şelale Park), ( Turgut Özal Park) and the most famous garden is the lake garden (Bahçeşehir Gölet Park):
This park has the largest industrial lake in Turkey with an area of 26,000 square meters. The park covers an area of 300,000 square meters and includes various types of leisure facilities including restaurants, cafés and children's play areas, as well as a dedicated venue for art exhibitions and handicraft markets during the holidays.

Taksim Real Estate advice:
Bahçeşehir is one of the best residential areas in Istanbul. In addition to the services available there, the area has a strong and modern infrastructure, and has been given special attention by Istanbul Municipality.
It is also an appropriate area for real estate investment, according to government reports. Property prices in Bahçeşehir region have increased by 71.8% over the last five years. Property rental rates have also increased by 45% over the last five years. This in turn gives real estate investors a good return on investment either by leasing the property or by buying and reselling.

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