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Kadikoy area in Istanbul ....Center of Asian Istanbul

As Taksim is considered the heart of the European section of Istanbul, KadiKöy is the heart of the Asian section. Kadikoy, with its lively atmosphere and historical buildings, and its richness of shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants on the beachfront, is one of the most famous and diverse areas of Istanbul.
It is one of Istanbul's 39 municipalities, located on the Asian side of the city, in the southwestern part of the peninsula “Kocaili”, bordered on the west and south by the Marmara Sea, and from the northwest by üsküdar and Ataşehir from the northeast and maltepe to the east .. The following link explains Kadikoy location on the map: 
Kadikoy has a coastline that extends about 21 kilometers, from Haydarpaşa station in the northwest to Bostancı in the southeast, where the princesses' islands can be seen along the coastline.
The area of Kadikoy is 25 square kilometers, it is 9 km away from the city center, and it rises 60 meters above sea level, and it is divided into 21 districts.

History & reason of name:

The Kadikoy region is very old, as evidenced by the archeology and fossils found in the region, where traces of primitive tools dating back more than 3000 thousand years BC were found.
kadikoy was established and settled by Phoenicians, and it was an important commercial center on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, and in the time of Byzantines it was called  "Calderon", meaning the city of copper, and after the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 and the entry of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror to Istanbul, this town took the name "KadıKöy" (meaning the village of the judge), as the name came from the judge Khidir Bey (Hızı Bey) who resided in this area and was the first Islamic judge in Istanbul after the conquest.
Over the years, its location along the coast has made it very important and has made it from that time until today an important commercial and vital center of Istanbul.
Kadikoy was administratively attached to the municipality of Uskudar, but in 1930 it was separated from Uskudar municipality and became an independent municipality, with its own administrative apparatus.

Distinguished Landmarks:

It is not possible to count archaeological, tourist and entertainment monuments in Kadikoy, so we will suffice to mention the most important of them with a reminder that all places in kadikoy should be visited, including:

♦ Haydarpasa Station and Pier:The station building is one of the distinctive landmarks of Kadikoy, coming to Kadikoy from the European side by ferry, this station with its stately building will be the first you will see, Haydarpasa railway station was built by the Germans in the year 1908 as a huge building for the railway project (Baghdad - Berlin), This grandiose building is still a testament to the architecture of that era. Directly behind the station is the Selimiye Barracks building, which is also one of the distinctive buildings in Kadikoy, as it took its name from its founder, Sultan Selim III, who established it in 1799 CE.

♦ Fighter Bull statue: This statue and the square in the center are one of the most famous symbols and gathering places in Kadikoy. This statue was made in Paris in the 1860s to symbolize France's victory over Germany. However, in the decade following its manufacture, Germany defeated France in the war, and the statue was transferred to Germany, where the German Emperor presented it in 1917 to Anwar Pasha, the Minister of War at the time. 

♦ Baghdad Street: It is one of the most luxurious streets in Istanbul, extending along 14 km, from “Bostancı” to “Goz Tepe”, on both sides of which you find many cafes, restaurants and luxury shops, and this street won the award for the fourth most famous shopping street in the world several years ago.

♦ Moda district: It is a quiet and green neighborhood, where the parks and streets of this neighborhood are very popular with residents of Istanbul, and kadikoy is considered as a popular residential area on the Asian side of the city, containing a group of restaurants, parks and cafes, in addition to the many luxury property complexes , and this neighborhood is a destination for residents of the region to get a rest and watch the sunset,also the Museum of the famous Turkish Singer of Barış Manço is located in this neighborhood.

As we mentioned, there are many other tourist attractions in Kadikoy, including the Osman Agha Mosque, the Greek Orthodox Church of Aya Apamea, the Soraya Opera House, and many other distinctive tourist attractions.

How do I get to and from Kadikoy?

Getting to and from Kadikoy is very easy, there are many buses that connect Kadikoy to various parts of the Asian section, and on the other side, it is possible to reach Kadikoy by ferries from the European side from Beşiktaş, Eminonu, Kabatas and Karakoy.
In addition to the Marmaray metro line that connects the Asian section with the European under the Bosphorus, and it reaches 8 stations which are distributed to various districts of Kadikoy, and we do not forget HAVABÜS bus , which connects Kadikoy directly to the new Istanbul airport.

Real estate expert advice:

Whatever your goal of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul is ,This area Kadikoy is a suitable option, so whoever wants to buy a property in kadikoy for living , This area is one of the most beautiful, elegant and richest areas of Istanbul, and it is the place where a resident of Istanbul really lives and sees the diversity and beauty of Istanbul ,In addition, there are plenty of the most luxurious residential complexes in Kadikoy for sale with the highest specifications.
And if your goal is to buy a property in kadikoy for investment , it is also one of the best options, as the rental rates and ROI in the area are among the highest in relation to the rest of the city, and this promises you a greater and more secure return on investment.

Here are a link for properties for sale in kadikoy : 

Apartments For Sale in Kadikoy Istanbul 

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