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Sisli area in Istanbul ... Most crowded area of the city

It can be said that the most crowded place in Istanbul throughout the years is Sisli, it is a place where religions, cultures and races converge from different parts of the world, and people come to it from everywhere, whether they are citizens or foreigners for different reasons such as  trade, shopping, tourism and for walking. Sisli has commercial, cultural and artistic, and distinctive historical landmarks.
Sisli is located in the European part of Istanbul next to the municipality of Besiktas to the west of it, and it is bordered to the west and north by Kağıthane, and to the south by Beyoğlu, it is one of Istanbul's 39 municipalities, with an area of 35 square kilometer and far from the city’s administrative center only 12 Km, and it is 99 meters above sea level .
Although Sisli is surrounded by Waterbodies from all sides, it does not have a coastal strip, and it is divided administratively into 28 districts. You can see Sisli's location on the map from the following link:
Sisli was identified as an independent municipality in 1954, as it included “Kagit Hana”, which it separated from it in 1987, as mentioned in a previous article. The northern neighborhoods of Sisli (Maslak, Ayaz Agha and Hazor) formed an independent bloc, while the rest of Sisli neighborhoods formed A separate group, the northern group of these two blocs connected to each other on the famous Büyükdere Street formed a separate bloc that was separated from the municipality of Sisli and annexed to the municipality of Sarıyer in 2012.

Reason of name :

There is no clear account of why sisli was named by that name, but the most common version is that the name came from a large family that inhabited the area and was famous for its metal skewers maker İŞ, and this family had a large palace in it and was named after them, while another version says that the name of sisli comes from the fog ŞİŞ in Turkish, meaning foggy area

Most important archaeological and tourist attractions:

Sisli is one of the richest and most crowded areas in Istanbul. As we mentioned, it is a destination for every visitor of the city, whatever his purpose of the visit, and here are some of the distinctive places in Sisli that are worth visiting

♦ HalasKar Gazi Street : It is one of the most famous and important streets in Sisli, with a length of approximately 1.5 km, starting from Taksim in the south and ending with the famous MecidiyeKöy district and Büyükdere Street in the north. This street contains many archaeological, cultural and commercial monuments, such as the Sisli Mosque, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church of Sisli, the huge Cevahir Mall, and many shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas, and this street took its name from the title of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, where the palace he lived in during the period of the Independence War is located and it is now a museum containing photos, documents and collectibles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic, and it is open to visit for free. This street is one of the busiest streets in Istanbul, so we advise everyone who wants to visit it to park their car far and walk there.

♦ Maçka Park: or the Garden of Democracy as it is called,it is located in the famous Harbiye area, and contains a lot of green spaces, sports equipment and a areas for drinking tea, and it is one of the most crowded parks in Istanbul and a Chairlifts passes over it, giving passengers a wonderful picture of the garden from the top

♦ The Military Museum: It is the building located in Harbiye area in sisli (which took its name from this building as it was previously considered as a military college). It is one of the most beautiful museums in Istanbul and contains a very rich collection of artifacts from the various periods of government in Turkey. This building was established as a military school to graduate officers In the Ottoman era during the fifteenth century.

♦ Bomonti: It is a central area of Sisli and we can call it DownTown Istanbul. It took the name from the Bomonti brothers, who are three Swiss brothers who established a brewery in this region in the year 1890, as this region was inhabited by Armenians and Georgians. In recent years, as a result of urban planning and construction work, the face of Bomonti has changed, as it has become one of the most wonderful and most luxurious areas in Istanbul, and has become one of the central points in Istanbul and a destination for real estate developers, as it includes the largest real estate projects, the most luxurious real estate in Sisli, in addition to the most luxurious and famous hotels, Hilton Bomonti

Ease of access and transportation:

Sisli is characterized as one of the most serviced areas of Istanbul by transportation, as it passes by Sisli

♦ The M2 metro line that connects from Yenikapi to Hacıosman, as it passes from Sisli with two stations: Osmanbey and MecidiyeKöy

♦ The M7 metro line, which was inaugurated early 2021, connects Kaptas to Mahmoud Bey and passes from Sisli with two stations, MecidiyeKöy and Çağlayan

♦ Metrobüs line: which connects the far west of Istanbul with its east through the July 15 Martyrs Bridge that crosses the Bosphorus, as this line serves the municipality of Sisli with two stations: Mecidiyekoy and Zincirlikuyu

High return on Investment for real estate in SISLI:

This is what most distinguishes properties in Sisli , that its return on investment is high compared to other apartments for sale in Istanbul , and it is almost the highest in Istanbul, and the reason for this is due to the strong demand for the region by real estate investors, where the largest real estate projects have been established with international specifications in terms of distinctive construction and wonderful modern decorations, plus the big number of tourists who like to rent an apartment for few days while there are in Istanbul instead of hotels which makes the ROI reaches 7 % yearly in luxury residences in Sisli

Here are our luxury properties for sale in Sisli :

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