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What are the advantages of living and owning a property in Turkey?

Istanbul and other Turkish cities have become a dream for many, not only because it is a country that embraces wonderful nature and ancient historical monuments that immortalize a unique religious cultural heritage, but also because of the many advantages that make living and owning in Turkey a winning bet by all standards.

Therefore, in this article we have tried to shed light on the advantages of living and owning real estate in Turkey, while clarifying how to own real estate online while you are outside Turkey, so continue reading.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is a European country with a mixture of eastern and western traditions. It is located on the continents of Asia and Europe. Living under it has a special charm, as it is the destination for tourists in all parts of the earth.

It is the paradise of the earth, which attracts a wide range of foreigners to reside and own, especially businesspersons looking to benefit from the growing Turkish economy, in addition to the high quality of life, in terms of health services, education, safety, with a low cost of living.

Therefore, you find that it embraces a large number of Arab expatriates, who adapt quickly to Turkish customs and traditions, break the language barrier in daily dealings at the very least, and may help them to mingle with the Turkish people, who are known for their friendliness and hospitality.

Advantages of living and owning in Turkey

There are many advantages of living and owning real estate in Turkey, which make Turkish cities and states an ideal destination for foreign investors.. Among the most prominent of them are:

♦ Strong transportation network

The multiplicity of transportation networks throughout the Republic of Turkey facilitates the movement between one state and another, as well as the speed of movement between the two parts of Istanbul, the Asian and the European...

There are subway stations, Metrobus lines, trams, dolmush (shared taxis), public buses, in addition to marine transportation, and many airports, perhaps the most important of which is Istanbul's new airport, one of the major vital projects in the country.

 Diversity of investment opportunities

You have many investment options in Turkey, including industrial, commercial, and agricultural investment, in addition to real estate investment by buying an apartment in a Turkish city with a guarantee of leasing and resale, with a profitable profit margin.

♦ Obtaining Turkish citizenship

Buying a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars gives you the ability to obtain Turkish citizenship, and then a Turkish passport, for you and your family members.

♦ Tourist attractions and archaeological museums

Turkey is full of tourist attractions and archaeological museums that reflect the history and heritage of this country, such as Belarus Bey Palace, Turkish Art Museum, Sultan Ahmed Mosque... 

If you are a fan of that atmosphere that smells of history, you can buy an apartment in Turkey within one of the country's historical regions, and more.

♦ Charming nature 

Turkey is distinguished by its charming nature. Most of Istanbul's apartments - for example - have breathtaking views of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus, not to mention the charm of the view of the green plains, and the lush gardens of Istanbul such as Yildiz Park, Emirgan Park, Machka Park.

 Diverse weather 

The climate in Turkey is diverse; the coastal areas in Istanbul have a warm climate in summer and cool humid in winter, and the south and centre of the capital, Ankara, have a continental climate; hot, dry summers, and snowy winters. As for the north of Ankara, it has a mild climate. As you see, you will have many options.

 Food Tourism 

Food lovers are attracted by the delicious Turkish cuisine, and they are attracted by the diversity of dishes, so many travel lovers for food tourism, which has spread widely in recent years, prefer real estate investment in Turkey.

 Low cost of living 

Living in Turkey is quite low in cost, compared to European countries, and some Middle Eastern countries, with the best health, education, and entertainment services.

 Safe Residential Complexes 

You may have heard before, about cases of theft in some areas of Istanbul that have not yet entered the scope of urban planning, and although it is a phenomenon that already exists, but it is an individual cases. 

On the other hand, all residential complexes in Turkey, without exception, give their residents a high level of security and safety, through guard crews, and advanced monitoring devices inside and outside the complex.

How to own property in Turkey online?

If you are outside Turkish territory, and you want to buy a property in Istanbul or another Turkish city, you can contact us at Taksim company, to be your real estate broker, under a legal agency that you extract from the Turkish consulate in your country, and then send it to us by mail, so that we will take care of all the procedures on your behalf the purchase.

Where we offer you a selection of Istanbul real estate projects signed by the largest construction companies in Turkey so that you can choose the right property for your living requirements after we show you the exact details of more than one property through online field tours as if you were on the ground.

After completing the purchase procedures, we take care of all the procedures for Turkish citizenship, extract your Turkish passport free from Taksim Real Estate Consulting, and then send it to where you live in your country.

If you want to know more information about the advantages of living and owning in Turkey, before buying your dream apartment; Do not hesitate to contact us at Taksim Real Estate Consultancy, and our real estate team will be happy to provide adequate answers to your inquiries.. Contact now!

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